Friday, February 29, 2008

Very Exciting News

For my cousin and his family this week!
Anyone recognize this bus??

or perhaps this limo? look familiar at all? (you can see the pink coat reflection in the window, thats my little girl standing next to me, she's waiting to run between the camera crews.........We've been dodging them all the time, my son doesn't like them)

see everyone in the blue shirts? (Hint! Hint!!) I have one now too!! ;o))

Getting ready to 'MOVE THAT BUS!!!'

here's the design team earlier today!
still doing some finishing touches waiting for the family to arrive.
(they were actually laying down sod and painting it at this point and tossing empty boxes out the back of the house and over the back yard fence into neighbors yards....
The house the family won't really be staying in right now either.. They have to wait for the occupancy permit and they also said no one else can go int he house for 2 weeks......Lots of interviews going on and more shots with just the family. Some family members seen some of inside and some of us didn't want to yet....

Lots of penguins and dinosaurs I will tell you.....

here's where the family, workers, volunteers watched on the property while the family was going inside with Ty!! Theres was only 5000 people allowed then they didn't shuttle anyone else in so imagine with all the camera crew, productions workers, etc it was hard to see over everyone with the camera

See the copper trim too... beautiful copper trim around the front door too!

Here's their NEW home! (at the end of the day)

We were very happy to be able to be there for the


only did that scene about 101 times!!!! lol

Check out the above link click onto the lighthouse and you can view the story of my cousin Paul and his wife and children and then click on the above GALLERY link and it'll bring you to the hundreds of photos from through out the week!

I must tell you all though being there in person is NOTHING compared the the shows highlights that air the night of the show...

Yesterday they finished and reviled a new home in Warwick, RI which isn't to far from us either. So we didn't see much of Ty Pennington this week

Even though I applied for us with my son, it's not very disappointing to see my cousins family was chosen!! very sad story. We were very happy they can be together now and start a new life.

Show due to be aired May 11th season finale!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick Update & WIP

Well my son had a long vacation week a couple more seizures, more increases to his meds and has to go back to the hospital for more tests in a couple weeks.
At least this time when I had paged the DR, she said I did the right thing!! He was totally awake this time during the day, face changes and bite so hard he split his lips in a couple spots, he was standing right next to me just biting really hard on his lips! He wouldn't stop just started blankly bleeding which didn't seem to bother him at the time at all.. Luckily no stitches are needed for this one and only last approx. 2 minutes... Not as scary as some...

Getting ready to make some mini sock earrings that will be up for sale shortly. Will psot more details soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

WIP & updates!

Some progress being done with the sock yarn blanket so far and moving on..

Haven't decided yet on keeping it for my son, raffling or sell it outright....... Any suggestions?

Please contact me for arrangements of your unwanted leftovers, I could also make you mini sock earrings (sterling wires nothing cheap) or something else

Please send me your requests for your unwants that will get all used up for sure!

On the home front. girls are fine but my son had another seizure. Apparently a much longer one during the night but I didn't catch till the end. It was very unusual and different for him too.. 4am in a fetal position covered in urine & stool... Literally a mess! He was so scared and tired.
Dh of course become a DR overnight and said he's fine put him back to bed.....He's standing watch me in the bathroom knee deep in crap.. Duh!! Help me!! Poor kid standing up now sleeping swaying back and forth... I wanted to page the Dr right then and there, but DS was responsive so I didn't think to much let alone half asleep myself......
cleaned up and we went back to sleep for about 3+ hours or so then I paged the DR

Dr called me back right away, after lecturing me about what I should've done differently like give him valium! Call 911 then move him and clean him while waiting for assistance... and wy I didn't!
Then had me give him more meds and up then again now 2 meds on higher dose and in a couple weeks bring him in for tests.
Geez! They make me feel like I should've known?? Well I didn't and no one ever said do this or that if you see this or find that!! Not to mention like they want someone else to see and not believe me what I witnessed and seen???

Kids move around alot in their sleep sometimes have accidents although extremely unusual for him, he never has. The DR says when someone has a lengthy type and seizing to long bodily fluids come loose....

I've been beating myself up for days now how I failed as a mom, why didn't I know why didn't I call 911 and give him valium.... Shit! I should've taken some valium!! LOL

How does anyone get used to this stuff??!!

thankful it's school vacation this week and we've been having a very laid back week.... He's doing much better not quite himself. I'm a little fearful that going back to school Monday with extra meds he maybe a bit off through the adjustment over the next week or so, but otherwise seems ok not not fully up to par.....
With all these types of meds has been losing he appetite not to mention weight loss 4 .5 lbs since the holidays.... I went back to one of his DRs to asked for ensure for him, our insurance would usually cover it and it's getting expensive at $13 per 6 pk and he likes them enough where he'll drink one for me.. He gets hungry asks for food then sits and looks at it and not hungry.. So If I get him to drink a bottle of ensure it makes me happier in knowing he;s getting some nutrition... The DR agreed and our insurance company denied him, I've appealed it which is a process so int he meantime I asked my own DR and it was approved.. I told him the situation and he wrote it for 200 bottles a month... Which is good and we can get different flavors to try... Only available in Chocolate, Vanilla & strawberry! He's also getting 2 spoonfuls of ice cream every morning and yogurt for mixing meds or opening capsules he can't swallow.... Not sure what else I can do.. I can't force him to eat.... I've never had a problem with him eating until this year with the different and added meds......

dragging out another basket of leftover sock yarns from the bedroom and will be putting all the little squares together and adding as I attach all the 3 together pieces....

Planning on quite weekend and shoveling to keep up with the snow today and tomorrow... Suppose to snow all day today through the night apparently, problem being New England weather is so very unpredictable! earlier in the week in the 50s then below freezing, now snow then probably rain thereafter along with cold temps...Gotta love New England! Especially the Cape! Actually much better then towards Boston area.. We're right on the line.. Either get slammed from coastal issues and goes out to sea.. Which this time is not the case....
Jammy day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Earl Grey Socks FO

I love these socks!!

Yarn Harlot pattern
used: Yarn Botanika Superwash Merino + Tencel yarn
color: Manhatten from Yarn Botanika
size 1 needles

a perfect fit! a fun simple cable for such a wonderful pair of socks that feel absolutely wonderful!
One of my Sp introduced me to this lovely yarn and is defiantly a treat to work with and wear!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sock Yarn Blanket WIP

This is going to be a work in progress thats for sure!!
I started my squares with some leftover sock yarn I have, have more then what made the photo this time....There about 2x2
Need a TON of leftover sock yarns if anyone has some they don't' want or need I'll gladly accept them! ;o))) preferably with some wool content for the warmth....but all welcomed thin/thicker types ok too should workout fine.. I'll make it work. Just let me know what you'd like in a fair return when you contact me please! TIA

I figure my son would really enjoy a nice big old blanket to snuggle with when he needs to get pick up and head to the ER in a hurry or just to cuddle.. He loves blankets and wanted me to make him a fish blanket with different colored fish, but I thought since I'd have to buy so many of the same brand and weight yarn and I had all these sock yarn leftovers that I'd compromise with him and do this this instead.. I sure need a TON of leftover sock yarns though....

so off to look for some deals.. I found on Etsy at Karen's Heavenly Creations
a variety of different colorways to use too

even these smaller samples as well
so to the swift and ball winder I went
to get these neat cakes to start with

so off to get more squares going

so far I'm just knitting a bunch but will start to put some together soon I'm sure so I'll be less likely to loose or misplace the squares then a piece of fabric right.....

of and with the smaller pieces that don't work out for squares I think I'll start wiping up some earrings like these using stealing silver wire...maybe sell on Etsy too to help fun this WIP....hmm with so many colors what would a nice shade for a border be? err! I'll worry about that later....

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ok so I'm behind the Dh is lurking while our friends are showing us how to play this Singstar on Playstation.....

show offs!! heehee
they really are terrible I picked a hard song for them to sing Destiny's Child Survivor!
there DD gets in too and kicks butt of course!
heeehee dumbfounded a think....

I did go out and buy Rock Band with the guitar & drums which is hard!! Kids can't do it only the singing part since you don't even have to know the words right or sign good at all just hummmm along and yell into the mic, my little is picking that up very quickly now.....Thats what we can figure out since he doesn't read yet but still the game gives him points for

Honestly it's ALOT of fun really! A great way to realize stress tension whatever and just simply have some fun and laughs with friends family whatever....It's been great getting the family together a with some friends for a couple hours of laughs.....but warning you can get hooked! LOL

Friday, February 08, 2008

New In Stash

Claudia's Hand Painted yarn in Blue Fields I just couldn't resist.
Found it in my travels.....
My son started with a rash this week so the DRs had to check and re-check and we have to keep a close eye on him this weekend.....
So I splurged a bit and bought Rock Band for PS2 and SingStar, the rock band is hard and the kids can't do that one but they love the SingStar, since it's a huge hit it'll keep them entertained this crappy weekend were suppose to have and I'm even getting hooked on it too...

Hoping to get some knitting time in and work on a few mitered squares with some leftover sock yarn laying around here.. It seems this blanket will take a TON of leftover sock yarns if anyone has any they'd like to get rid of feel free to contact me I'd be happy to take them off your hands, colors don't matter but would like to have wool content for the warmth.