Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ok so I'm behind the Dh is lurking while our friends are showing us how to play this Singstar on Playstation.....

show offs!! heehee
they really are terrible I picked a hard song for them to sing Destiny's Child Survivor!
there DD gets in too and kicks butt of course!
heeehee dumbfounded a think....

I did go out and buy Rock Band with the guitar & drums which is hard!! Kids can't do it only the singing part since you don't even have to know the words right or sign good at all just hummmm along and yell into the mic, my little is picking that up very quickly now.....Thats what we can figure out since he doesn't read yet but still the game gives him points for

Honestly it's ALOT of fun really! A great way to realize stress tension whatever and just simply have some fun and laughs with friends family whatever....It's been great getting the family together a with some friends for a couple hours of laughs.....but warning you can get hooked! LOL

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