Friday, February 29, 2008

Very Exciting News

For my cousin and his family this week!
Anyone recognize this bus??

or perhaps this limo? look familiar at all? (you can see the pink coat reflection in the window, thats my little girl standing next to me, she's waiting to run between the camera crews.........We've been dodging them all the time, my son doesn't like them)

see everyone in the blue shirts? (Hint! Hint!!) I have one now too!! ;o))

Getting ready to 'MOVE THAT BUS!!!'

here's the design team earlier today!
still doing some finishing touches waiting for the family to arrive.
(they were actually laying down sod and painting it at this point and tossing empty boxes out the back of the house and over the back yard fence into neighbors yards....
The house the family won't really be staying in right now either.. They have to wait for the occupancy permit and they also said no one else can go int he house for 2 weeks......Lots of interviews going on and more shots with just the family. Some family members seen some of inside and some of us didn't want to yet....

Lots of penguins and dinosaurs I will tell you.....

here's where the family, workers, volunteers watched on the property while the family was going inside with Ty!! Theres was only 5000 people allowed then they didn't shuttle anyone else in so imagine with all the camera crew, productions workers, etc it was hard to see over everyone with the camera

See the copper trim too... beautiful copper trim around the front door too!

Here's their NEW home! (at the end of the day)

We were very happy to be able to be there for the


only did that scene about 101 times!!!! lol

Check out the above link click onto the lighthouse and you can view the story of my cousin Paul and his wife and children and then click on the above GALLERY link and it'll bring you to the hundreds of photos from through out the week!

I must tell you all though being there in person is NOTHING compared the the shows highlights that air the night of the show...

Yesterday they finished and reviled a new home in Warwick, RI which isn't to far from us either. So we didn't see much of Ty Pennington this week

Even though I applied for us with my son, it's not very disappointing to see my cousins family was chosen!! very sad story. We were very happy they can be together now and start a new life.

Show due to be aired May 11th season finale!


Anne said...

It's a great story -- we've been following in the paper. How great for your cousin & family!

Batty said...

That's just plain awesome!

Ruby in the Rough said...

How cool: I worked on a EMHE house last fall. It was awesome!