Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm back! whewwwwwww!

Well after a very long month with my DD being ill hospitalized, my cousin girlfreind passed away very suddenly then my BIL extremely sudden out of the blue no one seen this coming.. Besides all the stresses, illnesses, deaths were finally home... Whewww! Boy thought I'd never say it let alone miss my poor sad pathetic boring same ole routine of a life.... Have a very hectic couple weeks ahead of us and the next few months actually. First I have some appointments, treatments & day procedures that I have to have done in the next 5 days alone. Awaiting the kids cardiologist to call again. I had to call her a couple times since both my younger children are from my DH and my BILs DR was very concerned that with there heart conditions that they get a graft/repair of the aorta ASAP to prevent the same thing happening to them as well as my DH. So looks like my kids & hubby will be having heart surgery sometime in the near future. We are planning to move to Ohio after my oldest graduates in the spring. I really want my family all recovered and situated medically before the Boston area hospitals, then to deal with my little girl with exploratory surgery as well because of intestinal issues. Let alone my own health. This could be the worst thing that I could ever do to my health is to leave the Boston area. Well it's already been decided by bohth my DRs and myself that I have to keep my PCP in Boston, emial at least once a week and come back to see him prbbaly once a year unless requested sooner and that he'd refer me to opther DRs out west, one DR in Pittsburgh, PA that I'd have to see regularly which is about 2 1/2 + hours away from where will be.. Cleveland clinc for more rountine things through emergency visits only and they'd have to call my DRs here to get advice on treating me or shipping me into Boston... Oh BOY! So not lookign forward to this but my hubby says we have too. He needs to be a Dad for his brother's only sone (10 y/o) and help his mother with her house and stuff, she should be retiring in a ocuple years. I know that if he doesn't take care of his medical issues first and real soon I may have to disagree with him, start divorce and argue about custody issues in court. I'm on disability so not sure how that would go for me??? Just not a good situation all the way around. I ust hope that he can find a good job in the marine business making the same if not more money and the company will help with moving expenses to make this all possible for him. I just hope that I can cope with no friends, not knowing the area or anyonea t all. Love his mom but not the rest of the clan nice to visit and has been wonderful since we live over 725+ miles away.... Not sure how this is going to work out. Anyway I set up my checking/savings account out there with auto deposits, store cards & library card. Important stuff. A credit card at a local bank out there to build credit with the local bank. So much to do in so little time, the next 6 months or so will fly by I'm sure and be here sooner then we think. We plan on getting rid of most of our funurture and otehr things we don't use often and start fresh out there after staying with his mom for a while. We looked into either buying a house or even checked out some lots of land for sale to build on. So those are the two choices that we decided on so far.

Next step?? Who knows whre to start. I'm still getting delivers of plants/flowers and cards today even. The kids even received some wonderful baskets from people with lots of goodies. Lots of food, cash and things were given to us and the family. IT's been overwelming, lots of thank you's to be written out, DH had it rough going back to work and lots of people coming int o see him. It's nice but very hard after dealing with it the past few weeks to come home and go though some of the same..

Anyway on a brighter note, didn't have much time to get alot of knitting done and absolutely no spinning or soaping which I have lots of orders to fill and of course for scents that I'm out of.... That ever so popular patachouli! I did get both sleevs and the back done of one of three princess sweaters for my DH for chritmas, doesn't look like they'll be done but at least one will Snow White...finished the mosaic socks sure hope the lovely recieptant likes them. I'm so far behind for the holidays it isn't even funny! NOt sure what I'm going to do. The costs of the flowers and gas both way to his moms and evrything else that came along unexpectedly, medications and otehr things along the way were very behind now, just hope we can catch up with the oil heat this winter it's goign to kill us for sure!

Heres the socks:

I sure missed all my blogger friends and I've seen lots of things everyones done it feels like I've been gone so much longer then I was. His family don't have compluters so it was crazy insanity to live without internet access and the one day I did get to a library it wasn't even worth the trip and the time limit. So it's going to be a while for me to catch up but thank you EVERYONE for all the lovely words, comments and continuing to read my blog.. They were all worth a million bucks!
Now I've had to cancel 2 shows that I work this week and I've had 3 calls the past couple days about another show that I usually do every year with a date change and they insist on my presence no matter what and will even work out a deal with me to show up. I will be the only soap & toiletry maker to. Just not sure I can be totally prepared since I haven't done anything. I have soap in stock but not sure I'll have anything else ready in time and certianly not as much as I usually like to have with me. I like to have 600-100 bars at each show which I know that won't happen this year...Order taken will have to be a must to make this work thats for sure. So looks like I will only be doing one show this season. I don't want to stock up on my supplies that I'll have to move I may sell some to have less to haul out with us. ekkks! So much to do and think of my head hurts... Need a little diversion for the moment.. I certianly am not ready to get into the holiday spirit either...will have to soon for the kids sake anyway.....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Yes more bad news

Sorry I have to leave blogger land for a couple weeks will be out of state to Ohio my BIL at 38 just had a heart attack and died? I don't know all the details were on our way this just happened about an hour ago and everyones at the hospital and were on the way. Will miss everyone! I guess its true that bad luck does come in threes! This is the third and also my cousins found his girlfriend dead this past Sunday evening at 43!
Needless to say its been a rough couple weeks and the worse is yet to come!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A great mid week pick me up!

This morning having my coffee and low & behold I recieved the cutest Ecard I LOVED it!!..

Make sure to turn up the volume on your computers for this one.....;o))))

check it out: Card

It certianly is a favorite and the BEST pick me up ever! Thank you Kimberly!

Monday, November 07, 2005

yuk! Monday Morning! Some FOs

The little guy fell asleep very early last night before dinner too slept most of the night until about 4am woke up vommitting, just liquid the poor thing, back to the DRs today which is his 4 y.o physical hopefully won't turn into a sick visit because they both are so overdue for their flu shots@! errrrr! This must've been my 3rd thing.....LOL If so it's not all that bad right?? could be worse... He usually gets over it real quick...I've been up for hours and am still trying to wake up, I hate Mondays. This Wed. looks even worse no school teacher conference day and 4 appointments..besides the other 3 appointments this week it looks like a busy week.

So even though I haven't been knitting to much I did finish up my wheelie that was severely neglected and did some quick knits.
Finished up my Wheelie for the car, not sure I like it or not....

Then Last night I made these from Rowan Big Wool book used 1 ball of Big Wool in smoochy definatley an easy quick knit!

These I used Patons Classic Merino for the kids debating weather or not I should put little tiger faces on them, but I imagine the kids would ruin them over the winter anyway..... little felt pieces for ears,some wiskers, rolling eyes and little noses...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Long week I've beenTagged!

Heres the short of a VERY LONG week between my little girl being hospitalized home sick again then this morning my little man wakes up at the crack of dawn of course I'm in a wet towel getting out of the shower and he's sitting on his bed screaming! I run to him and he has blood all over his face, side of head ear, hair! Ewww! What in the world happened???? I ask him what happened he has no clue thats he was even bleeding at first gets up hugs says he had a bad dream and was scared a monster or something who knows.. Anyway I get a cloth to wash him up my little girl sees him and freaks demands to know why he has blood all over his face! I thought the side of his head or something , ear I couldn't find it, so I get him all cleaned up ready to breakfast and when he opened his mouth he starts bleeding again! OH NO!! We found it! I gound it about 1 inch long or more actually and about 1/2 inch deep right through the back of his bottom lip in his mouth sliced clean and chucks missing!! OUCH!! The poor thing, he was so hungry but didn't want to really eat, now this from a boy who absolutely LOVES to eat...Now wonder he wanted to eat but couldn't really get the food in....So I get the falshlight and get another good loksie! Oooooh WOWWWW! He could use some stisthces! Ok One get my daughter to school two get to either the DR or hospital?? Called DRs they want him tot goto the ER they don't want to touch the face wounds especially lips/mouth area.. Wonderful Grabbed some gauze and out the door. At the bus stop (I drove today) my son in the car so pathertic looking holding the gauze in his mouth because after drinking it continued to bleed again. I asked him what happened after I checked his bed, in around and under couldn't find a thing that would've cut him like that. He said his teeth did it he bit himself?? Now who does this?? I've been know to naw the inside of my mouth but a 'v' shaped deep cut like this, it's so nasty! but who does this???????? Why?? I just dont' get it...so a couple other mothers see him and come over to the car to see what was wrong and seem him, he shows off his booboo and one mother walks away the other is like oh wow! Looks like lots of stitches for that one how??? Told them who does this?? I don't know?! This lady offer to help and got my little girl on the bus and met the bus after school good thing too I was still at the hospital! Spent a good part of the day there, couldn't find a way to get stitches in there concerned about infection, they hesitate about giving him an antibiotic becasue it's not infected right now but think it will be real soon because they can't get it closed up so we have to let it heal on its own... We have to go back on Monday but if it turn red on the outside then sooner but not to worry about all the colors and nasties that I'll be seeing in the meantime on the wound itself and inside his mouth, they said it will get real nasty and don't be alarmed even though it'll appear to be infected not to worry unless it purtrudes outside.. YUK!! My hubby will be home tomorrow sometime has been out of state on business the past couple days.. Liquid diet and soft food as tolerated.... yeah right like thats'll be enough for a growing little 4 y.o right?

Now people say bad luck comes in threes I can't help but wonder if theres any truth to this and whats next??? My head hurts! lol i need to knit some, it's 10:30pm and I'm just sitting down, to much to catch up on to tired and just want to kick back unwind relax and maybe sleep but I'll do this real quick now

I was tagged by Mandy so here goes!

What is your favorite yarn to knit with?
favorites I love merino, Rowan yarn, Brown Sheep Co. and Cascade 220. I have way to many favorites really then theres my homespun too....

Your favorite needles?
Bamboo, Addi turbos, and someday I wish to try lantern moons

The Worst thing you've ever knit? hmmmm does anyone really make a worst thing? when I was pregant I went on a blanket knitting spree....just have alot knitted everyone I knew at the time but if I'd have to pick something it'd be a cable knitted sweater for a nice man who was a neighbor and helped us out alot, it was out of red heart yarn ick! He picked it out and loved it...

Your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it, but it was the most fun to knit) Socks of course

Most valuable knitting technique?
knitting in the round & seaming

Best book or magazine?
Rowan & Interweave Knits books/magazines are great! Also a newer favorite is Quick Knit To Wear

Your favorite knitblogs?
Oh come on we would be here all night! Way to many to list...lol

Your favorite knit-a-long? Sock it to me!

Your favorite knit wear desinger?
I don't really have just one I like coming up with things and finding interesting patterns online. Kim Hargreaves (sp?)

The item you wear/use the most?
I don't keep many things I make I give most of them away as gift & sell items too.

going to tag? hmmm lets see who should we tag

next........Carolyn, purlpower, Maggknits & Stariel!
Your turn folks! ;o))

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Christopher's Cabled Socks

Silja sock yarn on US 3 needles mini cabled socks size 5 1/2

I've been knitting one pattern repeat with several different yarns for Josephine and I HATE them all!! YUKKO! Yarns I've tried so far Blizzard, Cervinia Londra, Katia Colorado & Filatura Di Crosa Mimosa. I just didn't like the way any of them looked and the cables patterns didn't look good at all! very disappointed.. I'm tossed up now about getting Cascade Eco wool or Knit picks sierra.....ohhh Now What??? maybe Patons Shetland Chunky at least it'd be washable....hmmm Now what is one to do with all this yarn added to my stash.....YIKES! Getting tired of knitting and froggin with nothing to show.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lots of mail when I got home!

Well sorry I haven't been around my 5 y/o DD came home very ill on Friday from school and was admitted to the hospital, came home yesterday afternoon but we may need to go back again... not sure yet but I hope not. When I walked in and seen a bag full of mail all for me!!! Lots of swaps arrived that I've done on the knittyboard swap-o-rama.....no bills YEAH! here's just some of the things I didn't expect!

Look I entered a contest on someones blog for some yarn, which I really didn't expect to get anything in return but it was for a good cause anyway then Diva knitting decided to totally surprise me with these 5 skeins of lana Gross Mouline.... yum! nice addition to the stash thats for sure! Thank you Cheryl!

Than I received a package from my SP5 on the knitty boards (coffeeshop) this was before I took it all out.. WOW~!

now looksie inside: Chocolates!!! Gourmet adult hot chocolate mix with a tiny beater too, a box of koala shaped milk chocolate, 3 sks of Brown Sheep Co. Nature spun wool in 'Plumberry' I never tried this stuff so looking forward to it, a cute little card, and did I mentioin chocolates! butterfingers, nestle crunchs & babyruths! Last but not least a wodnerufl smelling herbal hand soap. Thanks soooo much Sp5! Perfect timing after a long stressful weekend for sure! What a pick me up all of the packages when I came in the door! LOL Your definately spoiling me feel free to anytime! heeeheee

Now this is from the blogger SP6 round! Received 2 separate packages from her... One large envleope with an absolutely beautiful scenery calender from Scotland! breathless photos for sure! What a beautiful country. Then another package with a note saying just for fun! not 1,2 nor 3 But 5 skeins of Regina sock yarn! Also a neat clip on bookbook in goldtone by a famous scottish designer Charles Rennie MacIntosh! Really neat it's flat and won't bend any books, I'll be sure this gets lots of attention it deserves.. also she included 2 figurines with scottish outfits the little teddy and a sweet little girl. HUGE Thank you! Your defiantely spoiling me!!!
Sending BIG {{HUGSS}} over to Scotland! CATCH!!!

Other packages I received included some cotton ease, cotton glace, kid silk haze, londra cervina, cleckheaton 12 ply, a dale sweater booklet along with some hello kitty gifties ans green tea and an wooden ornament from Japan!..I guess I haven't missed beign able to go off shopping this past week thats for sure, it all arrived at my doorstep when I wasn't home.
Lots of love and feel all the hugs and being spoiled but other knitters!
Thank you ALL! Much appreciated!