Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lots of mail when I got home!

Well sorry I haven't been around my 5 y/o DD came home very ill on Friday from school and was admitted to the hospital, came home yesterday afternoon but we may need to go back again... not sure yet but I hope not. When I walked in and seen a bag full of mail all for me!!! Lots of swaps arrived that I've done on the knittyboard swap-o-rama.....no bills YEAH! here's just some of the things I didn't expect!

Look I entered a contest on someones blog for some yarn, which I really didn't expect to get anything in return but it was for a good cause anyway then Diva knitting decided to totally surprise me with these 5 skeins of lana Gross Mouline.... yum! nice addition to the stash thats for sure! Thank you Cheryl!

Than I received a package from my SP5 on the knitty boards (coffeeshop) this was before I took it all out.. WOW~!

now looksie inside: Chocolates!!! Gourmet adult hot chocolate mix with a tiny beater too, a box of koala shaped milk chocolate, 3 sks of Brown Sheep Co. Nature spun wool in 'Plumberry' I never tried this stuff so looking forward to it, a cute little card, and did I mentioin chocolates! butterfingers, nestle crunchs & babyruths! Last but not least a wodnerufl smelling herbal hand soap. Thanks soooo much Sp5! Perfect timing after a long stressful weekend for sure! What a pick me up all of the packages when I came in the door! LOL Your definately spoiling me feel free to anytime! heeeheee

Now this is from the blogger SP6 round! Received 2 separate packages from her... One large envleope with an absolutely beautiful scenery calender from Scotland! breathless photos for sure! What a beautiful country. Then another package with a note saying just for fun! not 1,2 nor 3 But 5 skeins of Regina sock yarn! Also a neat clip on bookbook in goldtone by a famous scottish designer Charles Rennie MacIntosh! Really neat it's flat and won't bend any books, I'll be sure this gets lots of attention it deserves.. also she included 2 figurines with scottish outfits the little teddy and a sweet little girl. HUGE Thank you! Your defiantely spoiling me!!!
Sending BIG {{HUGSS}} over to Scotland! CATCH!!!

Other packages I received included some cotton ease, cotton glace, kid silk haze, londra cervina, cleckheaton 12 ply, a dale sweater booklet along with some hello kitty gifties ans green tea and an wooden ornament from Japan!..I guess I haven't missed beign able to go off shopping this past week thats for sure, it all arrived at my doorstep when I wasn't home.
Lots of love and feel all the hugs and being spoiled but other knitters!
Thank you ALL! Much appreciated!


Mandy said...

What wonderful secret pals you have!! I hope that your daughter is feeling better soon!!

me myself and i said...

awwww! Hope DD feels better soon! Love the goodies!!!

Dani said...

Hope your DD doesnt have to go back, and that she is feeling better soon!

Great gifts!
Yea, I Knit...

Jennifer said...

Oh, I hope your little one feels better soon!

What a lovely haul you have there!

Mama Sunshine said...

Hope the little one gets better soon - it is such a worry when they are ill - you really did need all those lovely pressies - and they all arrived at just the right time to cheer you up too! Brilliant! :)

mf said...

Yes that was Brilliant! Thank you for making my day!