Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some Fair Activites

My daughter's favorite thing to do at the fair is work with the barn crew.. A friend of mine manages the spinning/weaving building and her kids take care of their sheep, alpaca, chickens, etc. So while I sit and spin for the day/night my daughters rather give up the rest of the fair to help them...
She loves this part handing out baby chicks for people to hold

she did take a break and ventured to the rides for a few with my husband and went on this clue what it's called, lots of harness, straps, ropes,etc

then I guess you get lifted up

and jump, and jump some more higher and higher, she didn't try any flips though...

then hubby took her on this rollercoater and had her putting her hands up in the air...She actually did this one twice before heading back to the barn for the night

from 7- 9 or 10pm everynight theres a concert
here we have Strawberry Fields

last night was the Oak Ridge Boys, and I was so busy I forgot to snap some photos


Batty said...

Oooh, I wanna jump on that trampoline!

aija said...

How sweet of your daughter to enjoy helping!