Thursday, June 23, 2005

X-Back Completed!

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Here's my X-Back.......It was so much fun to knit! I love the pattern, it's very easy. I'm thinking of making another one soon, with a different yarn......I had to kick my kitty off it she's been sleeping on it playing with ever since it's be done. She never went near it while I was working on it but now all of a sudden  she seems to think its her's. At one point I think she was tryign to put it on herself.... I tried it on the kids took a few pictures but chopped off parts here and there so it didn't work so all there is is this crummy photo instead sorry!

If you haven't started one yet. Sure to get one on those needles!! You won't regret it!




Jennifer said...

I've been thinking about making one, but then I got Loop d Loop book which has a totally cute top using ribbon as well, and now I can't decide.

Yours looks great! Now I'm leaning back to the X-back...

Michelle said...

Your X-Back looks great!