Monday, June 13, 2005

Great Swaps!

The last month or so I decided I needed to finally have a stash of some sort. I used to only buy yarn as I was using it or if I had a project I wanted to start I jsut went the a LYS, I never really bought yarns without knowing what I was ogign to do with it. I can't beleive what I've been missing, is so much fun! So I've stopped being such a lurker around knitty and start posting stuff I have or don't need and have been participating in lots of swaps. I also signed up with the RAK there too and they've been amzing!! Everyone is wonderful, friendly, Haven't had any flakes yet! (but then again I haven't received all my packages yet either) There so nice to talk too. I met someone local to have tea with and chat about our knitty obsessions!!!  ;o))  If you haven't taken part in the board yet I do HIGHLY recommend it! What a great place lots of resources, sales events, besides patterns other pattern resources as well, KAL, Swaps, RAKS, general chaty, just  a whole lot of fun! Very pleasant place to be  ;o))))I know that I could buy most of these things myself yes, but it's so much more fun swapping with people and getting to know other knitters, spinners & bloggers. All who of course undertsand the addiction, desires, frustration or whatever. So basically every one as something in common, I think thats why everyones gets along....

This may not be everything but alot of it, some were eaten or already used, haven't received some yet either, but It's been exciting to great my postal person every day!  So here we go 

Ok check this out I did a swap with 'himeyknitty2' for this software. Very cool! fill in the blanks type for socks, any gauge, any yarn, show size, variety of heel edges, stitches, repeating pattern options, choose 4 or 5 DPN or circs, mix and match toes, cuff to tow or toe to cuff, photots of techniques for socks,  print or even save to your PDA! How much fun willl I have now..... Love it! Now I need to look for the sweater wizard....;o))))))
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Oh now of course my goodies here, I know I've got ALOT more but I ate or drank them before I got to a take a picture I'm sorry!!  heeeeheeeeheee

but thanks for helping my addiction to'megera', 'faerynuff', 'cinnamontree', 'westozcaat' & 'wyldeyez'!  YUMMY!! So I'm sad to report no I didn't share every much, it just didn't have a chance..... I even hid some, now I have one bar of chocolate that I hid so well that I can't find it!!!! HELP!!!! I don't want fondue somewhere it shouldn't be... YUK!! Oh well I guess I'll have to look for me from whoever is willing , offering or swapping these days. I'm runnning very low since this picture is a days supply of my daily nutrition.. Those who know me well enough know that good food is bad for me and YUMMY foods are GOOD for me!!! Have to have them.... ;o))) It keeps me going and that's my life I live on them.. NO!  I'm not kidding either!! Some people may think I inhale it or have a hidden IV set up on me.......

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I've received some wonderful magazines,books for my collection, postcards, note cards, sock patterns, a set of bamboo striaght needles with fabric case, yarn bras, sts markers, circular needle,  peg counter, black kittys for the monkey bag in my case a kitty bag. swaps from 'slipstitch', 'ali with no #s', 'knitter1967', 'megera', 'cass' 'gibbous', 'bluecanary', 'midge079', 'blazfglori', &  'hbrogan'
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yarns of course and my kitty had to be in the picture yarn stacked around her bed OH NO!! She surely wasn't going to object or even budge!!  ;o))  we have cottons, belnds, luxury, sock yarns, wool, thick, chunky, novelty, very cool stuff and I have some in the works and plans for most of it! Well these are more wonderful swappers 'fridayschild928', 'saintjay', 'purlpower', 'george', 'megera', 'ceci', 'lspst8', 'dancinmom75',  'kdavies', 'joi', 'lumay', 'dirtypurls', 'chadzturtledove2',  & 'wyldeyez'

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I have more projects on needles so I work a little of this and that or whatever I'm in the mood for at the time or start a new one. No more running to the LYS's all the time, but I'm sure I can still find reason to do that, but at least I won't be spending as much any more.. Well in theory anyway......

Well I certainly enjoy receiving my mail each day! Except for the bills of course, leave those for hubby and I get the good stuff.. I wonder what I see today.....

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