Tuesday, June 28, 2005

UFO 'Mimi' & Surprise I WON!!!

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Here's 'Mimi' in hot Pink Sirdar my 5 y.o can't wait until she's done....It's in moss seed stitch, a heavy fabric and hard on the hands so it's been slow going....I hope to have it done before her first day of Kindergarden in August! I think I should make her a pair of socks  to match in hot pink!! She'll love it! I'm sure she'll stitck out and never be forgotten.......LOL I hope she doesn't start trading her clothes like her teenage sister does........

The pattern is from Rowan Pipsqueaks book

Now loo at what I got in the mail yesterday!! So excited, the first contest I've ever won!

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Isn't it  just beautiful!! It a big enough bead to use as a keychain and a stitch marker, I can't loose! I hate to have it banging around on my keychain I don't want to crack it or something. I may use it as an embellishment on  a purse or something. It sure will be treasured. Kim designs and makes them with propane and oxogen torches I guess and melts them from glass rods.. what Talent!! I was tickled pink to have won such a thing off her blog I ordered some sheepy stitch markers as a treat for myself... If you decide to order a set please mention me as your referral!



DebC said...

I have a fab glass heart keychain from her (look in her store, there are others under the beads category - second page of beads). I also am afraid to use it as a key chain but Kim assures me that due to the annealing process (how the glass is tempered), that it isn't likely to chip or crack unless you really work at it.

Jennifer said...

I design with lampwork beads all the time. They are tough! I wouldn't worry about it. Usually the bead artist tempers the glass so that it is very strong.

Dreamy said...

Shiny! Very lovely keychain... and the sheep are just too adorable for words. :) Nice socks too, btw.