Thursday, June 09, 2005

Desparatly Seeking..........

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Well you know they always say to make sure you have plenty of yarn here's a good example of what not to do!! I have 90% of a summer top done awaiting buttons and 1/4 part of the top front part and what do ya know!! YEPPERS!! I 'm in desparte need and hope that some older knitters may save there extra little ends, balls, sks of old yanrs that possible someone outt here maybe aboe to help me out!!! I'll even dance in the street naked if I have too!!!1    LOL Now that'd be a site a frightening one at that!!!  LOL

I do know what it is It's Berroco Tribeca, it hasn't been around in about 10 years I'm guessing!!! So please please if you have a little in your stash. Please check you may and not realize it!  ;o))). Please contact me ASAP!! I so wanted to wear this top  when I head on out trip to the midwest next month!!  I can't even find something close enough to replace it  ;o(

Actually I had enough according the to pattern and the gauge but apparently not!! I wonder if there was a typo on the pattenr booklet!  I've already spoken to the company and they don't even have a yard  anyway. They checked and double checked for me and this was my best bet to ask other knitters!!   SO now I'm begging, pleading, OH NO will be whining possible crying over this! Anyway out there please can you help!?? I'd be happy to buy it off you, swap for something else that I may have that you may like even a bar of handcrafted luxury soap or cream?? Anything! Of course I could include some chocolate if you like!!  ;o)) Trust me that means ALOT I dont' part with chocolate once it's in my hands. This will defiatetly be a special occasion

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