Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back but I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by slipstitch so I'd thought I'd post it before I start uploading some pictures of our driving......

So, there's two sets of questions: (meme) I think its a double tag!! now I have to tag 3 people I guess. So who do I pick??? Well here it goes, Maggknits, purlpower & sgomitolando

What were you doing 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago, yesterday, and today, and tomorrow?

10 years ago I was in finishing up my degrees in biotech/pre-med, working as a lab mgr at a plating shop through school & part time with a lab running gels, HPLC chromotography, DNA fingerprinting etc, working long hours and raising a beautiful 7 year old daughter on my own in my spare time..... and got very ill and was on a ventilator for a few weeks so I never got that degree. Didn't know I'd be here to tell about it. I think I was enjoying my time talking with the angels......Long story anyway......Been disabled since.

5 years ago I was taking care of my second baby (hospitalized often) with a 'VSD' (hole in the heart)but falling in love with her we bonded especially with all the extra attention

1 year ago hmmm I was very sick again and spent May/June & part of July in the hospital

yesterday I was driving back from the mid-west from visiting the in-laws. 14 hours!!

today been doing laundry, deleting emails that I don't need to read, cleaning house, spray painting & drilling holes in golf balls, unpacking, cooking, resting I call it that anyway, hmm a tiny bit of knitting must do a little each day reading some junk mail and playing wiht the kids in between.

Tomorrow I have to finish drilling my holes in my golf balls. I did 16 and need to drill holes in 8 more.... Nope I can't tell you why until it's completed!!! Other than that I have no idea..... My husbands last day off of his vacation for a while so maybe taking it easy who knows what tomorrow will bring around here.

and heres the second part

5 snacks I enjoy: chocolate, buckeyes, cream cheese chocolate frosted brownies, pretzels & chocolate covered strawberries

5 bands and singers for which I know most of their stuff: Journey, Shania Twain, Elvis, Dolly & Dixie chicks

What would I do with 100,000,000? Pay off debt purchase a house and invest

5 locations I'd run away to: Aruba, London, Italy, Nova Scotia/Montreol & Hawaii

5 bad habits: biting fingers, smoking, yelling when I'm upset with my hubby absolutely drives him mad!! staying up late at night, knitting to much.... that really isn't a bad thing is it????


Jennifer said...

Cream cheese frosted brownies! Sounds rich and delicious! Glad you are back and safe and sound.

BTW, got the package! Love the soap, and the gray yarn is so soft and pretty! Thanks!


Ooops! I missed my tag....but I'll make up for it tomorrow I promise!