Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why am I Drilling Holes in Golf Balls for???

A game my SIL made before we went out there. It's so neat made with PVC, golf balls & rope or clothesline!!

We had alot of playing it check it out! Heres some nice directions with great step by step photos

Who knew that PVC could be so much fun. check out the homepage of the title link and you can make a hole entire yard of easy to break down things and easy to store in a shed of bags until the next season.

It also sold at Ladder Golf a nicer version with wood for $59.95 or enter the contest to win a set
some call it Bolo Ball, Ladder Golf, Hill Billie horseshoes, etc.

Please email me if you'd like to sign up for the contest/newsletter because I get a free entry for each person I refer directly just send me your email addy please...

I'm getting so impatient trying to feed the rope through the golf balls!!!! errrrr! if you could see me doing this it's a sight for sure!! So was sitting out front of our house n the ground drilling holes in the golf balls for 2 days right up until dark when I couldn't see anymore!! DH refused to help me there, I'm on my own!! He wouldn't even give me the drill or bits for it because he thinks I'm dangerous and will hurt myself or him so he won't hold the balls for me either..
Can't be worse then me mowing the grass at 8:30-9:00pm at

Hey I'm typing now so NO I didn't drill myself yet!! LOL Pretty please save my knitting fingers..........;o)))))

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