Friday, July 15, 2005

Off we go!!

Just about all packed and ready to go, in about 4 hours we'll be on the road....I'll probably drive first until day light then I can sit and knit with DH driving for a while. I like to drive though on road trips. I think it's half the fun.. Actually probably my best part of the trip will be the driving!!
Mil doesn't have a computer so I'm not sure I'll be online at all until the end of July!! My mil is so sweet, she does all the cooking for everyone. She needs a break at some point too! I have a list of shops I hope to check out a few of them anyway....Hopefully Magic Farm I think it's called the largest Alpaca farm in the country I was told.. Who knows??.......I'll be missing the blogger world.. Dont' do to much without me now.....LOL Oh and our very own Maggie will also be on the road in the morning too.... When we both return I'm sure will have lots for everyone to read and see...

Happy blogging everyone! Catch up when I return


Jennifer said...

Safe Journey!

Deb said...

Hope you are having a fabulous trip! I just returned from mine and promptly posted my questionaire.