Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ending the Ride

Isn't he or her pretty cute?
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A little tug of war with a carrot never hurt  anybody
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 during the second drive though someone told us that one of the zebras took alittle kids arm/hand tore some fingers off a couple years ago.
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He might be a little hungry Watch out!!My little man so badly wanted to pat and feed the albino!!A little weary hubby helped him out!
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now this little guy was nest to one window another one on the other front window and a HERD in front so we couldn't move for quite sometime... a couple were literly sandwiching our van in and we couldn't even try to move without damaging our van! So I did I got brave and opened my window and feed the poor thing a carrot..Well first I hoaked him a bit through the window. When I opended it Katie my little girl jumped on the floor and under the dash!! Don't think she liked him. Did manage to get a little video clip of me feeding him then eventually tossing the corrot further away so we could drive along. We were holding up traffic or should I say Caution Bison crossing I mean hold ups!!

I just wanted to get out and give thema haircut!! The poor things it was like 98 degree out! All that fiber within hands reach!! and Boy Oh Boy! Can you imagine holding one of them down for shearing!!! YIKES!!!! Now wonder there fuzz is so darn expensive and boy is it sooo lucious soft and warm... So much better then cashmere..
The gift shops was selling ostrich eggs and no fiber from any animals!!! Whats up with that I had to ask of course so dispointed

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bye bye bison!! no more..heeeeeheeeee she was doing the little wave to him now.

We have about lots picture of this but didn't want to use all the bandwith this month on them now would we. We'd have no yarn porn.....LOL

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Jennifer said...

Wow, talk about seeing the wildlife up close and personal!