Monday, July 11, 2005

Nicholette finally has buttons!

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This is from the Berroco Tropical Mix brochure #173-1 'Nicholette

that my dear friend Charice

had from years ago and she didn't want to be bothered with the counting and striping pattern, so she gave it to me yarn, pattern even rooled msot of the skeins into balls already. What a sweetie! Well I knit it up very quickly but ran out of on of the yarns at the top right shoulder. I've been searching and begging anywhere and everywhere. Even Berroco didn't even have a few yards.... So I tried to spin and spin to match the consistancy and coloring but no luck there either. I came closet with some Irish bleached linen I spun . Only needed to do about 6 short rows so I hope it's not to bad......but it's been sitting around awaiting for the perfect buttons.. As luck would have it I did a swap with slipstitch and she surprised rak'd  me with 4 butttons (mother of pearl) that were a perfect match!  Thanks to both ladies we have another top!

Now do we where it, give it back to Charice, gift....hmmm

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