Thursday, August 11, 2005

Icky & RAOK Mail Today!

Well I just got my mail and icky I was assigned for JURY DUTY!!! Why do I always get picked like clockwork every 3 years to the day I swear!! I save the 2 best ones for last after opening the icky bills tossing the junk junk

I was totally surprised by this one for sure! NO warning nothing!!   This is what was inside the package all wrapped pretty and I handmade envelope out of magazine page so kwel!
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After opening them all check this out!  The card was made by purlpower and needlefelted the design so cool a lovely note inside. The PO has lost a package a while ago but the first package had most everything and 4 extra skeins of cork that she RAK'd that I wasn't expecting. The missing package may still show up if it was held by customs for some reason or damaged they wait for so many days, weeks or months who knows how thats determined but I've seen packages show up as far as 2 months or so.

We're enjoying a cup of  lovley Organic Jasmine Green Tea. Smells wonderful too! It's tea time and delightful amazing mouth watering rich flavored flakiest milk chocolate. Hmmm This is good!!!!  Meanwhile,  fondling the Rowan Big Wool! (not sure how one gets sick of Rowan yarns?!! I think it's my soul mate yarns!)  I've always been wanting to play with some BIG WOOL!  ;o)))   After I need to take a break from the same ole white merino hanging off my wheel to spin some lovely dyed roving here... Hmmm I'm stuck it could be a merino blend I think. Thank you so much Helen for all the kind words and thoughfulness you certianly made my day!

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Then I recieved a RAK from Deb aren't these neat and so smoothly polished. Very neat! Thank you so very much! These will be on needles before the nights over... Working on 2 clapotis's and already thinking of 2 or 3 more.. YIKES!! Yep I'm crazy!!
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To think I was going to post some works in progress... Good thing I was hesitant about that idea.. Maybe later this week or weekend


Jennifer said...

Glad you got a nice giftie to ease the pain of the big JD. I can't even spell it out. I don't want to jinx myself....


I'm so thrilled that this package arrived and at such an opportune time. I have learnt my lesson and as you suggested put 'knitted gift' instead of 'wool' on the package! I am not sure what the roving is made of but I think you are right and it is a merino blend, it is handpainted so I don't know how colour fast it is. But of course I'm not hinting for you to spin it for me! This is your gift for you to enjoy as you see fit because I feel so bad that you didn't get your last parcel. Have a great weekend xxx PS. I have always been rather curious about doing Jury Service, do you get paid in the States? Here we get paid a set amount no matter how much (or how little) you usually earn, at least, I think that's how it works.

ck said...

Very cool RAOK...almost makes jury duty palatable.