Thursday, June 01, 2006

Knitty SP7 & Gift day I Guess...... P@RN!

First thing this morning my sweet cousin gives me a box of Godiva!! She's she sweet & thoughtful she got them as a gift from her boss at work for Secretary's Day! She doesn't like Dark Chocolate can you imgine!?!

I immediately dug right in can you tell.....BREAKFAST!! with my morning coffee.. YUM!

Then to my suprise again! Second day in a row I was suprised and it's June 1st?
My SP& starts off with this package of goodies dont' you just love that paper confetti! How fun!

She wrapped everything too in tissue paper so the digging was fun too!

Inside I find 2 skeins of DGB self striping sock yarn in chocolate/gray/white, circular needles ID tags for both small and large needles.. WOOHOO Those annoying Addis imprints rub off the cords so easily after the first use and after a while the packages get in rough shape, I keep meaning to order then from Knit Picks but always forget..then a package of write on tabs, maybe I can get my binders of patterns organized I really am thankful for my SP in helping me organize my things now I have to admit I procrastinate a little bit it's knitting time you know.......then a tin with Kermit the Frog on it of mints and a bag of Lindt truffles!!

Doesn't the ID tag look perfect on my addis! ;o)

Here's a close up of the yarn, almost good enough to on the photos for closer views
THANK YOU SP! I see that you've been leaving me LOTS of comments and Pms it's been fun! hmm Now who are you?? heehee Your address looks very familar.....:o? lol
{{hugs}} I Think you know me pretty well too. Thank you again! I LOVE everything! This next couple months will be interesting I'm sure.. ;o))) YOUR GREAT!!

Then this tea company Sarah Woods Traditions sent me a few samples of some teas they carry, single bags but they have both bags, loose & lots of accesories, European coffees, cookies, spices, honey & chocolates!...

then last but not least Toni from The Fold sent me a sample card of their New STR by Blue Moon variety of weights top is lightweight needles size 0-2, middle is medium weight needles size 1-3 and bottom heavy weight needles zie 3-4

With all this excitment this week and with my daughter's Graduation coming up Saturday morning early.. Looks like it may rain too! YUK!! I can't find anything to wear yet.. Runnning out of time and haven't had much of it to knit either.. Still plugging away at some socks trying to get a couple pairs finished up at the same time... couple more rows until I reach toes then I can post pictures and cast on more or maybe work on other projects. Hands have been kinda sore the past couple weeks so I've been taking WIPS pretty slow...

I'm trying to follow along with Summer of Stash not sure I can do it but I'm going to try my hardest!

Heres the rules:

1. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, no yarn purchases allowed. You must knit only from stash.
2. Each SoS team member may have up to two exceptions to their rule this summer. For example, if you find us after Memorial Day, you are welcome to join later, and simply designate a later start date as your exception.
3. Challenge yourself to reduce your stash in creative or generous ways. Share your projects and ideas with other SoS-ers.
4. Rules apply only to yarn purchases. Books, patterns, and needles/notions needed to complete projects are allowed and encouraged if it gets you through the summer.
5. Plan and post about special Post-Labor Day Reward.
HURRY sign ups end Monday June 5th!

Have a great Summer of Stash! (I'm scared! I do have to shop for my Sps though not me.....It's going to be sooo tempting!)


:L, Laura said...

i went to the sarah woods site, but no info on free smaples, so you must be special!!
don't forget for that summer of stash we can SWAP.
you get packages and treats
and i do too... any boring yarn you have comes to visit me and mine comes to you!

SpiderWomanKnits said...

I just signed up for the SOS KAL but haven't gotten a confirmation email yet. I am looking forward to it :-)

Boy, there really is a chocolate theme going on in your world right now! It's a good thing for you but a bad thing for me because I generally blog at night and it's making me have chocolate snacks a bit later than I normally would ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's me, your knittyboard SP!
I'm so happy you liked the package.
I'm already working on package #2. I'm taking time to collect some wonderful things to spoil you rotton! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

~Your SP

trek said...

Are you sure your cousin is really related to you? I mean, giving up Godiva chocolate???

Summer of Stash, sounds interesting, I'm going over there to look.

Mandy said...

What yummy goodies!! I can't believe she gave up Godiva!
That new yarn is very nice I like the colors they kind of look like coffee or tea :) Good luck with graduation this weekend!!

KnitPastis said...

Ok, I am still trying to get over the box of GODIVA chocolates you got! You got alot of nice things there!!


Looks like you have a top spoiler on your hands! I love those Lindt truffles too!

Ava said...

Nice gifts! I love DGB sock yarn, it's so soft and underappreciated.

laura said...

i'm still droooling over those chocs. and here it is too hot to mail choc! marzipan is almost a good substitute. anyway, godiva are beyond yummers, but i have had choc better once... a holiday gift sent to us from "harry & david" - you know, the pear guys.
... by the way, i am going to seriously enable you to shop your stash! as i have a lot of swap stuff!
blessings, :L