Friday, June 23, 2006

Calculate YYP and more Great Tips!

You can calculate yards per pound easily by winding a single bobbin of yarn
to a skein
with a known diameter - say 2 yards.
Then weight that skein carefully.
Count the number of strands (rounds) in the skein and multiply by
diameter of the skein. You now have xxx yards of yarn that weighs x ounces. Divide the
yards by ounces and multiply by 16. You have yards per pound of yarn, assuming that you spin pretty
To know how many yards for your blanket, then compare your ypp with
commercial yarn, knit a test swatch, and spin a bit extra to allow
for it.

Approx. estimates for projects

Remember There is never too much Fiber! LOL

Alway's purchase more than you think you will need for a project..Just like yarn fiber does have a dye lot.

These amounts are estimates. Design, thickness of yarn, size will effect amounts.

To spin for a pair of socks 4 oz.

Average size adult vest 16 oz.

Average size adult sweater 24-32 oz.

For other styles, check your commercial pattern for yarn weight requirements and add 20%.

First when choosing a particular yarn for a garment or accessory keep in mind the way it will be used once finished and the effect you want either color or texture as well.

Yarns for Baby's - are treated to be softer and to be and to withhold frequent washing & drying. Best yarns are baby or fingering weights in 100% wool for white lacy heirloom shawls, sport weights nylon/acrylic blends worsted weights with pearlized threads nylon/acrylic blends and 100% wool in the softer colors for cozy type of sweaters and booties

Crisp Cool yarns - 100% cotton, cotton blends, silks and linen are also great for summer but can be used all year round as well.Hardwearing of course a plus.Also used for throws and cushions too. Worsted weights, denim yarn fades and ages like jeans, tweed yarns with a touch of silk are great for holiday wear. worsted DK cotton great for crisp ribbed sweaters, worstedDK linen with or without viscose has great draping quality, sport weight mercerized cottons have great sheen, and also a cotton slinky ribbon yarn is great for summer evening wear

Yarns with Texture - knit these in a simple stockinette stitch for their beauty. velvety, soft, chunky chenille and fun furs, too.
Mohair makes great huggable sweaters.

Aran medium weights sport weights, kids mohair creates a more delicate look.

Tweeds are suitable for city wearing.

Boucle yarns are great for summer tops.

For a fun look you can knit in funky yarns variegated or bold colors,

fleeces are great for outdoor garment.

Yarns with Sparkle - lurex & viscose blend are perfect for evening wear and great to add to fair isle knits as well for a wonderful accent.

Metallic embroidery threads add sparkle when combined with plain yarns

A couple things for Edging on garmets, afghans, even socks....

Cable Edging

once worked up you can pick up and knit onto your item from where you want to edging or finishing

cast on 8 sts
row 1 (RS) ps,k4 p1
row 2 k1, p4, k3
row 3 p3,C4F, p1
row 4 k1,p4 k3

repeat these rows to desired length

Picot Point Edging

These can be worked in any size or different sizes, alternating for a wave type effect. You can sew tassels to the points if desired or add beads to the points.

cast on 2 sts
row 1 K2
row 2 yo, k2
row 3 yo, k3
row 4 yo, k4

continue until desired point is reached working in even amounts of increases countiue from beg of patt with another needle until desired length is achieved. knit across all the points continue to garter stich to your item and cast off.

Have Fun!
Enjoy the Weekend!


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