Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blogger SP8's Chocolate Galore!

Early SUPRISE Mail today!
My Lovely Blogger SP8 has spoiled me early! This is her first SP round and shes been great lots of contact & chocolate galore! Some melted but only one badly liquified, the box of truffles filled with liquor was banged up along the way inside the package in bits but whats left are absolutely delicious all the way from Germany!! YUMMY!! I bet you had lots of fun and tasting them before sending me a box full! You had to try them to make sure they were good enough right????? I'm in LOVE with those truffles! Haven't tried the hot chocolate mix in the bag yet...Thank you very much for the note with instructions I wouldn't of figured them out....heehee

but a box of these eggs look what I found inside lined with white chocolate and a plastic eggs filled with these little toys thats in pieces that you put together to make these cute little figures and toys.. What fun!

Thank you for making my week SP couldn't have had better timing either! Love them!!! Now how'd I get so lucky to have an upstream woman after my own heart?? OH BOY! Lucky me! Definately making my pain feel much better....;o))
Sending {{hugs}}from Cape Cod to Germany!


Elspeth said...

All that chocolate -- I'm jealous!

SpiderWomanKnits said...


Dipsy D. said...

Wow, what a great package you received - a day can't go wrong when it brings such goodies with it, can it? Enjoy all the chocolate!

kmckiernan said...

Yummy, look at all the great chocolate! Lucky you!

Ann said...

So cute! What a great SP8 you've got!

Roberta said...

WHOA, Kindereggs! My kids fell in love with them when we were in Europe recently. My youngest is SO jealous of you. They'd never allow production of these in the US; too many small pieces. But boy, do we wish they would. Lucky you!!!!