Saturday, May 13, 2006

STR Socks & Stuff

After finding a few more of these fuzzies

I'm happy to introduce to you STR Rockin Sock Club Cedar Creek Socks!
Not as much pooling on the second sock more striping going on...So I guess they'd be called faternal twins not identical twins

(click on photos to see close up)

Some may remember my incident with my Pony socks needles size 1s. One of the tips broke off all my sts fell off as did the metal piece inside side out while I was knitting my sock.. I was enjoying the needles up to that point. After several months of emailing the company I haven't had a response then after sending an email to a Muench Company divison in NYC. They responded almost immediately at 6:30am! We emailed back and forth for about an hour. They sent me a set of metal needles the same day and forwarded my email to Muench Yarns

Well after Kirsten the CEO of Muench Yarns found out she reassured me that she thought this was an isolated incident and sent me a new set right away!

On the swaps front, some updates and I'm ready!

Candy Swap sign ups ending

Bottle Swap from the whenever swap have my Sp info

One Skein Swap Interweave Press swap(haven't heard from my upline, only downline)

SP8 (blogger) Have my SP info and heard from my upline whos from Germany!! YAHOO!!

SP7 (knitty) haven't recieved info yet patiently awaiting who can it be I wonder~!

So exciting, I've been blog stalking a couple of my SP I've been checking their blogs out for a while now so this is going to be lots of fun and interesting without giving myself away......;o)) My One Skien Sp doesn't have a blog so it' you have one, it's not you sorry! ;o))
Most of the links are at the bottom of my blog. Now have I missed any more summer fun swaps anywhere? lol


Elspeth said...

Candy swap? Can you give me more info.? That is right up my alley!

aija said...

Very cool to hear you got the pony replacments, I really like the one pair of pony dpns I have (US 7).

Nice socks, too!

Mandy said...

Loving the socks! Good news on getting the needles! I haven't got my Oneskien SP yet :( I guess there was 10 or so people that they skipped over! Have fun with all your swaps!!

Anonymous said...

The socks are beautiful! I'm glad that you got your needles replaced. That can be such a pain to deal with, if the company doesn't follow through!

wendy g said...

Your socks look great!

Zonda said...

Nice job on the socks...I gotta get mine done someday :)

jpknits said...

What great texture on the socks. I'll have to scoot back into your blog to find out what pattern you used.

jillz said...

I love the anti stripiness of those socks!