Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today was the day

Not to much got done today knitting/spinning/fiber wise other but lots of laundry thats for sure. Seems like I'm always doing laundry. Every time I went to the washer/dryer I kept walking by a box full of soap shavings from usng the planer or vegetable peeler to smooth out the edges. Hoping to get to them someday

Today was that day! I put them into a 10 gal bucket, added a box of borax and baking soda. Only used the lighter scents and colored soaps. Addded some citrus essential oils including heavy on the sweet orange (great cleaning properties, degreaser) also smells fresh & clean. I haven't made any in a long while now I thought it was time.
Back to my laudry I went and started to fill the washer added a cup of my detergent. my laundry came out very soft, fluffy, bright clean and smelling great!
I've also decided to make all my soaps in the future without any color at all. Some will color itself depending on the oils used some oils turn them darker naturally anyway. but no more swirls and twirls. No particular reason other then keeping it simple, shorten the labels, etc (I won't go into all the boring details and reasons). Will be making lots of changes and the recipes will differ slightly as well. All for the better of course the rise in different varieties of olive oils alone have been increasing steadily and sky rocketing over the past 2 years thats my stock is running low and just can't justify the HUGE increase for demanding supplies so my soaps will no longer contain a high olive oil content but promise they'll still be good quality soaps. I mean just to make up the difference I'd have to go up to at least $8+ per 5.5oz bar of soap.. Crazy! This is my main concern for all the changes. DH is excited to get rid of all the empty barrels of oil! lol Trash night!....

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