Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Interesting Tea Findings Fun & Interesting Contest

I've been reading this book my Sp7 sent me 'The Way of Tea' written by Master Lam has Traditional Medicine and was trained by masters in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan.
I've read about some interesting things I thoguht I'd share a few with you all

The Teas

For Slimming: Oolong tea

For High Blood Pressure: Banana tea & Lotus nut tea

For Redusing Internal heat: Yellow Chrysanthemum tea

Tonic Teas: Peanut and Ginger tea, Lychee and Plum tea, Dragon Eye tea, Dry-fried rice tea, Eight Treasure tea

To Streanghthen the Immune System: Shrimp tea

To Restore the Blood: Chinese red date tea

To Replenish Blood Chi
: Sesame and mushroom tea

For the Common Cold
: Ginger and spring onion tea

For Colds with a Slight Feverish Headache: Sweet Ginger Tea

For Coughs: White Radish tea

For Itchy, Tickly Throat but No Cough: Licorice tea

For Dry Sore Throat: Honey and lemon tea

For Throat Infections or Sore Gums: Sweet tea

For Flu: Lei Ch'a

Summer Teas
: Hot chrysanthemum tea, Chilled chrysanthemum tea, tomato tea

For Diarrhea or loose bowels: Mung bean tea

For Bowel pain: Rice Vinegar tea

I will type up some recipes with info each day and post them here Come back to view, try them and/or share your experiences

To make it a little fun & interesting
At the end there maybe a little surprise gift for someone who tries and shares each one with us. Please comment with each one separatly Thank you. If more then one accomplishes this then will put names in a bowl and pick one...Theres a free gift certificate link on my side bar for Adagio Tea in the amount of $5 for anyone who needs or wants one feel free to purchase some teas not all are available through them. You do NOT have to participate to request a gift certificate. Will try to pout a link or so with recipes otherwise for your references.


Penny Karma said...

I'll play - where can I get this nasty sounding stuff?

Sandra said...

My grandma had fascination for herbs and tea out of its! I learned a lot from her (she is still live) and can tell that proper use of herbal tea is priceless. I know it - I tried it!

trek said...

Ginger tea is good for motion sickness - I've tried it and it does work.

Jade Dragon said...

My SO always drank chrysanthemum tea when he would work outside in the garden during the summer months. He swears that it does cool you down and even got the mailperson to drink it also.


I see you have been claimed by your KnittySP7 already! So have I! Exciting isn't it?

emy said...

Well, that's the reason why I am having chrysanthemum tea lately -- the weather's so erratic in Singapore!

Just add a little rock sugar (which nourishes your inner organs) and it's so yummy!