Thursday, May 11, 2006

WIP & Suprises Too!

It's a work in progress, have lots of hours into this already. It doens't seem like much but it really is most certainly a long way to go too..... This is browns, natural colors, chocolate just neturals basically. I've seen these knit in red/pinks, greens and other colorways.. I'm also collecting blues for myself as well. They are absolutely gorgeous when there done they look a little funky at first. Some are being donated to local churches and other places(which I'm not in charge of but help knit) but this one is my baby, it has chocolate. I can't part with it! lol

I'm working with 15mm needles HUGE! Mostly just using leftover yarns from scarves and other projects mostly had in my stash. Stash Busting.....As you can see from the grab bag of yarns theres every possible imaginable type of weight & fiber from wools, slubs, nice novelties, silks, angora, handspun, sock yarns, laceweight threads, bulky, super bulky, leftovers, everything really. Anything & everything goes... It's so incredibly soft & cuddly and nice to curl up with and knit on at night while watching TV or listening to DH watch it. I only knit one row of each yarn in no particular order.

Then in todays mail I recieved some suprise RAOK gifties.. WOOHOO! Look a skein of Sockotta, lots of really cool beads & a cute little tin of Earl Grey tea along with a very nice note from Wonky on the knitty boards She is fairly new to blog land and I'm sure she like to have lots of visitors.

Thank you very much! What an AWESOME surprise! I LOVE everything!

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Katie said...

Wow I love the colors it is going to look great.