Thursday, May 04, 2006

SP 7 Goodies

It was nice to put a name of who was spoiling me and whos been so very tentative, sweet, kind, most generous & thoughtful SP! Thank you so much Francine! She's been so had surgery and has been laid up for weeks, the poor woman. This last package was so generous and I LOVE everything! I didn't mind at all she always has had such wonderful contact with me. Always checking in and everything. I got a little concerned that she had some comlications and maybe in the hospital. Is doing well now Thank God! My thoughts & prayers are with you and hoping that your on the way to better days!
Check this out..
click on the photos to enlarge

I couldn't believe all the goodies she sent
a cute postcard with a lovely note
Not just one book but 2 books:
The Way of Tea by Master Lam Kam Chuen with Lam Kai Sin and Lam Tin Yu. it's a lovely book and included some healing recipes with tea.. I'll post some soon. Will be time consuming typing them all up
Yarn Harlot the secret knitter by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee
Toblerone Of Switzerland Chocolate.. YUMMY!
Box of Trader Joes Herbal Echinacea Tea
2 absolute beautiful silky satin bags... The green one is a zippered one and the red/gold one has a very neat closure a frog charm that slides down the two gold paper clip looking things clips and snaps, so cute! I just adore unique things
last but not least 2 skeins of Knit Picks Shadow, in Lost Lake & Grape Jelly
Oh really one more thing a clear tote that everything fits into perfectly.. I like it it's realy neat perfect size and you can see everything in it! It's GREAT!

here's a closer look at what was inside the little red bag....a handful of word & letter beads and the back sides are different..Haven't spelled to much with them yet... I bet they'll make some interesting stitch markers for sure.

Thank you so very much Francine from Chicago, IL! I'm at a lost for words.......{{hugs}}
are you blogless, I can't find it anywhere?

Getting ready for SP 8 now.. These swaps are so much fun.. Hope to see you there

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hege said...

You have so may great projects! I really like the soleil top, I am thinking of making something like that for this summer. You're amazingly productive!