Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blogstalking Dinner

Our knitty blogstalking is Whats for dinner at your house?

first we have boneless skinless chicken breasts soaking in milk

mixed up some italian breadcrumbs with instant potatoes, parsley, garlic, onion, basil salt & pepper and other herbs

dip in the dry mixture

fry them up

then bake them with some grated cheeses

glazed baby carrots are steaming

sour cream & chive egg noodles

along with some chadenay

I should've posted this last week of my Color Blox Soxs from the SixSoxKAL
I used 4 different yarns, a couple diferent shades of brown sheeps wildfoote greys and a couple STR colorways for the heels toes & cuffs. Great use of leftovers

My pattern is being featured for August & September of my 'SSS' Snake Skin Socks
here's s close up there been so many making them and posting such fun progress photos in all different types of yarns. Come on over and play


Stephani said...

Why do you soak the chicken in milk? I've always used egg whites. Whats the pros/cons?

Jennifer said...

Yummy! I'm very hungry now! :-)

Kate said...

yummy dinner- can i come!!

ps: that sock pattern looks cool- can i have a copy please??

Dipsy D. said...

Yummy! You made me all hungry now, and it's only 8 am! And I love the socks, fantastic colors and pattern!

Bezzie said...

Socks, sweaters, chicken and wine? Yeah, what's not to love?!

:L, Laura said...

looks like your sss socks are a real hit!
we always soaked venison in milk to take the ick out....
i might try this for fish
as my dh is vegetarian.