Thursday, August 03, 2006

Knitty Art

This week at the coffeeshop for blog stalking events is hmm art? well I don't have any mona lisa but here is some of my walls. Didn't upload alot would take forever! Enjoy!

first up my DD calender, yes I know it's June....;o) So I'm a little behind the times now you see why......

a huge painting takes up pretty much an entire wall in the living room, so I took a picture frmo the center. The frame is like driftwood type with rope through it. It was left to me from an old neighbors family estate a few years back, very sweet couple

next up someone gifted me a lighthouse they made, plaster or ceramic

some hanging pictures of us in the dining room of all of us.. The kids I haven't put up recent ones because it's so nice to look and remember how they were when they were babies... So Sweet cuddly & The shelf above didn't come out but is all tea cups

MIL made this cross stitch design for us for one of our anniversaries...

Hope you all enjoyed a little visual of the walls....

***Edited to add since blogger has been very fussy latley not sure how the light house things really all came about but I didn't start it really!!!

my MIL gave these to me the partylite items I used to sell and were kit contents which I had 3 or 4 of them at one time but gifted them sway!!

I did pick up the little duck for DH....;o)

some pictures from Niagra Falls, NY & Canada. (where we were married at one of the botantical gardens surrounded by water)I great shot of a rainbow I got while we where on the maid of the mist, the boat that goes around the falls right into some mist, they give you rain ponchos to wear, you do get a wee bit wet!! lol

A boat in a bottle from Nantucket

yes even ( I didn't take pictures of them all either) Holiday gifts last year

on the back door theres a bunch of framed windows and each has these things hanging in them, somee were given as recent toppers of something... kids made at school,. etc. I do have some sailboats too but this is very picture heavy as it is

a handmade wooden over the door type thing from someones craft house party of Niagara Falls lighthouse for obvious reasons

lastly I even have a lighthouse lamp topper...heehee
soooo bad! lol It wasn't like I bought it, it was a gift. I don't think I bought not one lighthouse they've all be gifts and from different people??? They've grown on me....


Jennifer said...

Wow! That cross-stitch is beautiful!

Bezzie said...

I see you like the lighthouses?

I like your family picture arrangment...that's pretty. (Mine are all crooked!)

Annie said...

Love the photos of your kids! You've definitely got a lighthouse thing going on, hmmmm? Excellent!

turtlegirl76 said...

That's an amazing cross-stitch. That must have taken forever!

cpurl17 said...

My Aunt used to work in a lighthouse B&B and she collects them as well! Love the family art!

I used to cross stitch so I can appreciate the amount of work that went into the one your MIL made, WOW!

Batty said...

Wow, that's a lot of lighthouses! They are so cool. I cataloged a book about lighthouse libraries (apparently, there was this library that took books to people who lived/worked in lighthouses and couldn't just go pick up something to read). It was an old book, and it was way cool.