Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Marco Assignment Photos

The DR made me cry he hurt me so bad so it's not a very good day to be taking pictures holding my head in certain postions, but I did manage to take some marco pictures for our weekly assignment, over at the Knitty. Took me most of the day to accomplish them.. Good Luck





so my and my kitty are just hanging out the past couple days, she took a little break from me to play..I guess I'm being boring so she wanted to entertain herself


trek said...

Sorry about the doc - pretty kitty!

Dipsy said...

All the best of luck to you - and I so love your kitty, what a beauty!

Karen said...

1) Kitty fur!
2) carpet?
3) candle
4) no clue

Hope you're feeling better today!

Bezzie said...

#1 Toilet paper
#2 Bathroom Rug
#3 Bathroom sink drain
#4 Bathroom shower/tub tile

Your cat is a nut!

Macoco said...

Hope you're doing better!
1 - cotton ball
2 - cat food
3 - foam in a cup
4 - cookie