Monday, August 07, 2006

Another KAL & more

Joined another knit along Sock A Month 2 better late then never...I think I can do it!

Of course another huge thank you to my knitty SP7 who was so sweet, thoughtful, generous and just so much fun this summer I hate to see it coming to an end! Of course I've been having just as much fun with my Sp as well. I can't believe no one guess who she was! I definatly would of thought that the pictures of Curly & A top in the correct order was a dead give away too!

Yes CurlyTop! I just couldn't find the teeny tiny 'y', but I kinda knew before anyway...

Sorry theres no Food Pictures
We went to a party a combination 50th birthday and good bye party for a very sweet woman who has terminal cancer it was to celebrate her life brithday and probably last time out. I dont' even know where she got her energy fo rit!
Anyway it was catered with a Brazilian Dinner grill & buffet.. Of course I meant to bring the camera for my food shots (and forgot!) for the knitty baord ladies especially of all the meats they came around to the tables with on large skewers and sliced directly to you plates.. I did more of the buffets foods, lasagna, salad, bread, rice, potatoes, fish fruits, prime rib, swordfish, pork, chicken, cheeses, shrimps, oh just about everything. Some sweet some salty but all very good..I ate! Suffered yesterday though!! Food was good but not so good for people like me with complications from Crohns Disease.. I didn't let it stop me. Dessert was a tropical fruit mousse thing & birthday cake the mousse was delicious but very sweet. Even for someone with a sweet tooth it was sweet.


The Curly Knitter said...

He he! I thought the pics were a dead giveaway too. I had so much fun spoiling you and I'm glad you had fun too. All that food also sounds lovely. I'm glad it was a nice time. Take care! ~Curlytop

:L, Laura said...

thurs 3 pm pdt,
so about 6 pm there
hope you are home and feeling