Thursday, August 17, 2006

Join with Me

come on over and join the Sock-Ret Pal with me.. Looks like it'll be LOTs of fun!! Yippie Socks!!! heeheee Hope to see LOTS of familar faces. Dani is one of our hotesses with the mostess!

Hey Zonda I found a swap before you this time...LOL You better be signing up!!!

Next up
Sock Wars
too here I go....

Of course to add some mystery theres Mystery Sock KAL

So how many of you are up for the challenges? Come on out and play...Lots of time!


aija said...

So many sock kal's! :)

Jennifer said...

Ooo, Sockret sounds great, but I'm in two scarf exchanges. I just don't think I can knit that fast! LOL!

I got the CF today! Thank you!

aurora said...

Wow, you'll be socking about for ages :-) I love the concept of the Sock Wars one, it's very cool!

Zonda said...

Thanks M but nope, not gonna enter anything where I send finished socks!! yarn...but no socks... :)
Have fun!!!!!

Ev said...

Hey! I'd love to share the birthday scarf with you, but I need your email address so I can send it. I won't be posting this one to the blog. At least, not for a while. Contact me at stringsnthings at shaw dot ca

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

How fun on the swaps and KAL's. I joined all 3 too.

Have you found your pattern for the Mystery Sock Kal yet?