Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Since I can't seem to sit up and knit. I haven't been doing much of anything it's been a very tough week for me, it seems like it took me forever to try to spin this stuff...phewwwww!
This is some very nice roving from Ashland Bay.. It's sooo soft merino/silk top!!

So luciously soft and nice sheen to it too

but this is 3 plied 2 sks

and heres a close up

now is there some secret I don't know about to wind up this HipKnit cashmere with my swift and ball winder? It keeps breaking and doesn't wind off .. HELP!! I'm so frustrated tried several times and I need to use it!! It's for a test knit pattern


Elspeth said...

Great job!

trek said...

Looking good.
Sorry about the cashmere - you might need to resort to doing it by hand.

Dani said...

Sorry you are feeling crappy but each day is closer to recovery, right?

Hang in there! Do you need me to go on a chip trek? I WILL for you =)

Martita said...

That Ashland Bay roving came out beautifully! Much better than any AB I've ever spun.

wendy g said...

Your handspun is beautiful! Hope you are feeling better soon too.

Jennifer said...

I love your handspun!

Oh, and I got your message about sending the package. I sent the CF out via priority yesterday. I hope it arrives soon!

rose said...

Very nice yarn!

Ellen said...

Very lovely yarn!

I hope you feel better soon. The aftermath of the surgery sounds brutal.

Hang in there!

Dipsy said...

Your spinning is certainly amazing, such a gorgeous and soft yarn! I sure hope you're feeling better by now, alle the very best to you!


I had the same problem when I tried to wind up my hipknits cashmere, it is very delicate and I had to do the whole skein by hand. It took about three hours in total to wind it up!