Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shoes & Under the Bed! OH NO!!

the lovely ladies especially zibibboisgood came up with this photo shoots challange for us over here at the knittyboards
well some are dark but here goes nothing, you can always click on the photos to see your own risk of

ok first up the back yard crocs

front door more frequent daily wears for this time of year, the black hanna clogs I wear all year round but mostly spring/fall/winter, alternating with the 2 pairs of birkenstocks. (Yes in the spring/fall I wear my socks with them)

inside/over the closet door

slippers, ohh ohhh those suposedly spa ones to the right are being tossed out RIGHT NOW!! bye-Bye dont' buy them I certainly don't recommend them as any spa slippers thats for sure..ick! I think the timberlands will be or should be, probably will be going shortly too. I love them and there so comfortable but on their last days I'm afraid... I think I'm going to cry...I'm going to miss them they've had so many good times and will surely be missed, probably should have a proper burial. Curious any get attached to their shoes?

some wedding shoes my own, & others, the purple went with the bridesmaid dress in my girlfriends wedding I was 1 of 22 and preg in June, she wouldn't let me gracefully back out and those came off real quick I'll tell you!!

I bet no one knew about me wearing there these, and they will not be seen again for a long while, but I do need to find my toes & ballet shoes curiousity's killing, there around here somewhere.... it's bugging me they missed out on the photo shoot opportunity to be seen again. Oh Well! my 5 y/o want me to teach her ballet....and tap of course she likes the noisey

Oh so here goes under the bed:

here yous go ready for this!! heehe

ah ha!! Not mine you no one said whos bed!!!
ok here

heeheee nope not mine either

but it's under the bed under the bed?

ok a quick peak wee little one (pictures really dark with the flash) YIKES)

but you can see a little yarn stashed under there

really nothing exciting here's another shot the rest were worse so nothing exciting, a couple CDs, a glass tray of pictures from my dad and obituary, the kitty usually hides under it alot, DH keeps a box of shoes, pictures and clothes under his side.

What do you think the black hole!

Coming weekend freezer shots due!! Pretty boring here, but come on by and play! Have some fun!


rose said...

Wow... shoes...I don't like to think about how many pairs of shoes I have. I know I have 2 pr doc martens, and 6 pr of flip-flops. I'm not a shoe whore, but I have more shoes than I think I do. I"m just scared to find out the actual number :)r

Karen said...

Hee! I was going to do under the little one's's much more interesting, and a lot cleaner than mine. He has a loft bed. :)

LadyLungDoc said...

Sorry - did I read that right - TWENTY TWO BRIDESMAIDS?!?!?

I've been to weddings with fewer guests.

zibibbo said...

The black hole is better than a light at the end of the tunnel.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.