Sunday, July 16, 2006

My SP8 is Sooo Spoiling Me!!!

First such pretty wrapped paper!

first up we have a very nice postcard from Munich taped to this tin

but wait a crochet Hawaiian Lei kit, looks like it'll be so much fun!

it has everything inside! even includes the hook needed too! Pretty ribbon, flowers and so much more

Here's the top of the tin, very kwel!

inside.....hmm everything is wrapped in tissue paper. So much fun!
Count them 10 skeins!!! Woooohooooo! at least 5 pairs with with leftover can get another pair or two or something! Boy Oh Boy I'm sooo spoiled for sure!
WOW!!! All these sock yarns check em out

All Regina!! 4ply, 6 ply, nation (Germany's Flag colors), silk & jacquard

HUGE THANK YOU SP8!!! I'm LOVE It ALL! Your simply the bestest!! {{hugs}}

Today were suppose to be going to the National Nascar races in Laconia, NH! DH received 6pitt passes from Interstate through work!! (tips) had to fax over each name of each person coming.. Guess What?? I can't go babysitter backed out!!! Man, I need to find another sitter!! He just left to meet the others, is going to be the designated driver....I hope he remembers to get some pictures and autographs at breakfast with the drivers Dinner or while he's changing tires on pitt row..They have so many things include with these tickets, I couldn't say oh you can't go! They include so many fun things to do with these passes, they were given to us from the company who sponsers them.. (boating biz can have its perks sometimes).. He felt a little guilty with me not going, thanking me and everything for letting him go, like I had a choice right? You think he really feels all that bad~ YEAH Right! It's such a once in a lifetime opportunity! After last mintue disppointment your package couldn't arrived at a more perfect time! Having all these goodies makes up for it!!

THANK YOU SP!! Our SURPERB!!! Totally spoling me isn't she!

I should probably go back to bed now...but I was up having coffee with DH! Errrr! To tired to knit.. Sun will be rising soon!


Pam said...

That's too bad that you couldn't go!! It was very nice of you to let your DH go guilt free, maybe he'll bring you back a present. :)
I love the sock yarn!

Kate said...

that is all i can say


Rose said...

wow is right!

I love the Germany flag sock yarn. It would have been so perfect for last month's World Cup.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh wow! That's a fabulous SP package! It may be spoilage, but don't you deserve it? ;)

trek said...

Awesome SP package!

aija said...

What a great sp! :)

Mandy said...

What an awesome pal! That sucks you couldn't go! Have fun knitting!! How many socks do you have now??

wendy g said...

So sorry you couldn't go as DH and I are getting ready for the Gentlemen start your engines command. Your SP package was great!

SP8 from Germany said...

I'm glad you liked it all, I had a lot of fun choosing the yarn! It has made me want to do socks...I've only done sweaters, hats and kids stuff so far.

Jen said...

That is so cool, I need a SP

Maureen said...

Your Sp is really spoiling you! All that sock yarn is making me drool! Love the teapot at the top of your blog. How did I not notice that before! Cute nice!

Dipsy said...

Wow, what an amazing package you received, that's almost too good to be true! All this amazing Regia yarn really made my fingers itch, they wanted to start knitting right away :) Enjoy all those goodies, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the socks you're going to knit with this yarn!


Fabulous package - you are a lucky lady eh!