Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mail Day!

I swear I only get packages delivered once a week all at another day designated for junk mail 2 days of bills and the others nothing!.
Today was goodie day!
Becky is offering Haley's Roses, a sock pattern she designed to help raise money for the fight against Neuroblastoma, a solid-tissue cancer that took the life of her two-year-old great-niece, Haley Rose Minchella.
Haley was born in the summer of 2003, and diagnosed with neuroblastoma in November, 2004, when she was less than a year-and-a-half old. In spite of a valiant battle and the skills of some of the best doctors in the the country, the disease took her life in August, 2005. Please visit Haleyland to read more about her and her family. Please send her payal to '' for either pdf file or hard copy in the mail. All proceeds go directly to the research she doesn't keep any of it.

Next up my prize from Zknitters contest.
We got to know each other pretty well last year. We started emailing each other chatting alot. I got 100% on her questionaire test contest.. Can you beleive it I actually WON!! What lovely suprises they were too! A neat notepad from the knitting zone top line on every page is check mark 'Order more yarn from the knitting zone'

She's so creative I swear, this coin purse is so neat.... Look inside 3 1/2 pockets! velcrow closer

and sewn button on the outside

She knows me so well too. Look sock yarn!! heehee Something I don't have either...Woohoo! 2 sks of Fortissima color socka the sks look completely different but the color number, dye lots everything is exactly the same. One is wound inside out...She did warn me in her note about it that's her take on it too. here's a close up view
(Stay tuned will psot my progress once I get them on the needles)
Sending you BIG {{hugs}} Thank you your so sweet! Your test was lots of fun!

I did recieve one more package you have to wait, off to open it and take pictures will post them tomorrow..It's from my knittyboard SP


aija said...

fabulous mail day!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful prizes from Zknitter! She is very talented, isn't she?

Zonda said...

Glad you liked it!! :)

dr laura said...

just saying hi!