Thursday, January 17, 2008

Make Your Sweaters Fit Perfectly!

Cheryl Brunette's Sweater 101

It tells you how to fit several generic body sizes at his or her gauge.

But what do you do if you have a non-generic body, Brand Q yarn, and a relaxed gauge? Consulting Sweater 101 is an attractive option.

  • make a proper gauge swatch and measure it with an accuracy worthy of NASA.
  • know the three sources of measurements for sizing a sweater.
  • create a simple-to-follow “Picture Pattern.”
  • easily chart a set-in sleeve cap.
  • have the tools to organize your knitting information.
  • use two simple math skills to save time.
  • adapt a pattern to your yarn, gauge and body size.
  • change necklines and collars on any sweater.
  • fall in love with any yarn and buy it knowing you can make your own pattern for it.
Appendix A which is a mini-reference book with schematics that show the measurements for 30 standard sizes, child’s size 6 months to men’s size 50, in 3 basic styles.

and so much more!

I bought this and it's a well written for people of all skills! Great to keep around for reference for the more experienced knitters and a GREAT tool for the beginners and intermediate!
Great reviews so far!!

It's more like a workshop then a book

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Batty said...

That looks like a very useful book, thanks for pointing it out!

Andrea said...

Sweater 101 sound like a good book to have around. Thanks for the info. I'm going to have to check it out.