Thursday, January 31, 2008

update things looking up for now & WIPs

Even though they canceled my son's procedure over a week ago our visit with the hospital yesterday went well....Good news... He's been seizure free since being on this new med and starting the second one Saturday morning I didn't want to today or tomorrow because I really need to have him home so I can watch and see the effects of it before his going into school.
His seizure monitor went off once last night around 3:45am but he seemed to be fine could be just a tiny episode but nothing that concerned me really. another scan & high resolution MRI will be done within a couple months to check the lesions then other then that it's all okay for now...not in any immediate danger and from now on instead of focusing on the data well be focusing on him and his symptoms..counting his migraines and such...

Dusted off some WIPS and my needles....
so onto polishing the needles.....

got a little progress on my Ombre Alpaca Blanket
so soft cuddle and warm.....trying to do a few rows each night which can account for a couple small mistakes....(OPPS oh well who will know right).....but life doesn't always allow for it....

then working on Kaibashira which has been another severely neglected WIP kinda sleeping at the bottom of a basket

This is like the best invention ever no not salad tongs...........

for making the perfect snowballs!
now that our foot+ of snow is just about gone and icy I can't play.........;o(

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My basic socks are finally finished. Geez... Not knitting for so long, it felt weird at first but happily to report picked it up like riding a bike.....
Knit Picks merino sock yarn in Spring Prairie

still have lots of WIP top get to this one first because I didn't have to figure out where I left off....piece of cake...
thinking of using up some sock scraps into a blanket too.....Any ideas?
Hmm mitered squares which would take a TON of them, of plain garter stitch using one odd ball after another..

Updates with my son.. well thats a whole other issue. I was at the school and I was inquiring as to why the teacher isn't wiring in my sons notebook daily. (she only agreed to write positive things and nothing else?? which is stuff like, he shared nicely during choice time or he worked hard on project time or good listening at lesson time, etc.)) Well, the principal pulled her from class to speak with me since her last entry was 11/15/07 and I'm thinking she's had nothing positive to say about him since minus his absences and holiday break of course....
I also informed the school nurse (following the protocol I was told) that the medical team of DRS has requested a detail log on not only medical issues but behavioral as well.
So the teacher comes to the nurses office to speak with me. I had the nurse back me up on this subject. I asked her, first she says she's forgot, oh but he has mentioned it to me, and I haven't had time. It's required but also was agreed upon during team meetings at the school which she was present and had alot to say about it too..
Excuses I swear! So She asked about he's meds and what about his ADD...Informed me that his attention and inattention and behaviors she doesn't deal just ignores him and has been since school resumes Jan 2nd!!
I also informed her that the DRs agree he should be treated with med for ADD but can NOT at this point because of his health and new medicines and issues going on in the brain until they can get those better under control he can not be treated for the ADD....
He's NOT even that bad either if you talk with him and explain things to him he will cooperate and be very sweet!
She stands their and continues to tell me the same thing and still refuses to comply with the dr & nurse about the communication log
Then I had to interrupt her and ask then whats going on in class then??
Her response is that she she ignores him and his behaviors and just goes on with ignoring him?
So then what are you teaching him?!
She seen the kids coming in from the playground and left me standing there with the nurse..Nothing!
Don't they have to deal with him??
Why avoid whatever is going on? I don't' understand I'm not there so I don't' know

I spoke briefly to his psychologist and he suggests I call the state on this??! I don't' know I'm hesitant.. We are going back to the hospital and seeing the neurologist tomorrow who want the responsibility of all issues and the responsibility of treating all issues..

So yeah why not avoid confrontations with him teach him that he can do or say whatever he wants with no consequences.. ohh Great! What is everyone teaching him and what is this going to be like? With me he's better but probably because he's such a suck up and mommy's boy too!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Make Your Sweaters Fit Perfectly!

Cheryl Brunette's Sweater 101

It tells you how to fit several generic body sizes at his or her gauge.

But what do you do if you have a non-generic body, Brand Q yarn, and a relaxed gauge? Consulting Sweater 101 is an attractive option.

  • make a proper gauge swatch and measure it with an accuracy worthy of NASA.
  • know the three sources of measurements for sizing a sweater.
  • create a simple-to-follow “Picture Pattern.”
  • easily chart a set-in sleeve cap.
  • have the tools to organize your knitting information.
  • use two simple math skills to save time.
  • adapt a pattern to your yarn, gauge and body size.
  • change necklines and collars on any sweater.
  • fall in love with any yarn and buy it knowing you can make your own pattern for it.
Appendix A which is a mini-reference book with schematics that show the measurements for 30 standard sizes, child’s size 6 months to men’s size 50, in 3 basic styles.

and so much more!

I bought this and it's a well written for people of all skills! Great to keep around for reference for the more experienced knitters and a GREAT tool for the beginners and intermediate!
Great reviews so far!!

It's more like a workshop then a book

click on my sidebar for direct link to purchase!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sorry to see SP11 End!

I opened my package that has been sitting patiently waiting for me.
My SP11 was so very sweet and thoughtful. She really had to put alot into this package thats for sure! Being new to the swaps I must tell you She's just WONDERFUL!
Here's a closer view of the suitcase, very ingenious! Very pretty design

Here's what was inside the package, a wrapped gift and a small suitcase!

the wrapped present was a great hard cover book on weaving. Deborah Chandler's revised edition of Learning to Weave. I've been trying for so long to get the perfect warp.. Hopefully now I'll understand and do better. Can't forget the Green tree Pepps! ;o)
a bag of Premium Steap Black tea which I can't wait to try... and isn't the Penguin Popper just adorable!These stitch markers are just the cutest.. I adore Penguins I love these! The first has a claw clip on it, I think it's used for rows counts
Yes there's more 2 skeins of Koigu KPPPM color P830 a full range of colors muted together. I bet this will knit up just beautifully!
a skein of Lang Jawoll color which I really like this yarn. I've used Lang yarn with great sucess for long wearing socks (of course)..;o)
another great choice in yarns Schoeller Stahl Sockina Cotton
Perfect choice all colors I really like too!
Thank you so very much for making the end of the swap such fun! I really appreciate the timing and something good to come home to waiting for me. Andrea you've been WONDERFUL! Going to catch up with your blog since I never figured out who you were, and you've seen on me Ravelry.. WOW! I had no idea....
Thank you for the pretty card too!
Much appreciate EVERYTHING and your patience with me too! Your a sweetheart for sure!