Monday, February 23, 2009

School vacation is over....

my husbands best friend wife and children home had a 2 alarm fire last week during school vacation and lost pretty much everything
been a little busy helping them.
this is the room where it started an upstairs bedroom a heating rock in a fish tank they had for a few years and never had a problem or should I say whats left of it
the hallway upstairs next to it

holes in floor
the kitchen
I'm helping her with replacing some stash that's for sure. She was worried that we couldn't get the afghans she made out in time.. we tried and went back again to see what was left to salvage......not alot!! Insurance should have a couple trailers to fit the family on the property within a couple weeks or so.
If anyone has any extra afhgans laying around please let me know. I know they would enjoy them. I collected alot of toys, clothing, beding towels and HBA locally. They'll be some fundraing going on and I let her know that I'd see what I could coem up with from some online friends... Some info is posted on my facebook too. There such great people with lots of children a family of 10 actually, a retired firefighter (on-call still) kids sports and very active in the community, very well liked by so many....

on the kinitting front here,
working on some new sock patterns some will be avialable for sale through ravelry and a couple for a upcoming book that will be available throguh Crystal Palace Yarns and/or Sirus knitting.
more to come soon....with pictures!!

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Batty said...

How awful. I'm glad everyone is alive and well, though, at least physically.