Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Working ALOT

I've been away from my needles for so long! I'm eying those unfinished projects. Which I hope to be picking back up any day now. I had to go back to work. Even though I work per diem I work alot of hours, where ever I can pick up. I'm with a private care agency as a CNA and travel anywhere, also at 2 local nursing homes and Rehab center which I pick up over night shifts and double shifts which is overtime hours even though I don't work a full time 40 hours schedule. I just came home yesterday morning from 40 hrs in 2 days being on my feet. So tired!!! My kids off to school and slept for 4 hours!! Felt soooo good then up for kids after school dinner & homework went back to bed after dinner and watched TV next thing I knew my husband was getting the kids ready for school??
I have a review this week with a company as a contractor that does medical exams for insurance companies, investigators, etc. The position is Examiner and phlebotomist. I get to make my own hours, draw labs, whatever they person needs to have to the insurance company. Ohh a 4th job!! I guess I have the job just filling out compliance forms, licensing info, etc.
Ok I've been awake and vertical for an hours now, kids are gone and I feel like I need a bap now.

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