Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Long Memorial Weekend Working

We planned on putting together a BBQ party on Saturday and relax drink eat and enjoy our friends and neighbors.. No one around here likes to leave the neighborhood on Memorial weekend... Way to many accidents from the tourists who don't' know how to drive where they not use to... So I always like to throw something together. I did lots of preparations on Thursday & Friday. Besides, cleaning house, laundry, cooking what I could ahead of time, shopping, using neighbors fridges for stuff.. made 100s of Jello shots of the adults and virgins ones for the kids.

First I had to finish laying patio bricks, about 75 of them!! woooo is that some hard work digging in the ground and making them level... I think I did a fine job too if I say so myself!! Seriously I was commented on them by several people men included!!

here's more of them...

Then I bought my DH a grill of all grills for the deck! It's a combo birthday (next week), anniversary (last month)& Fathers Day present Besides the beautiful stainless steel it has 5 burners, ceramic grill top, if you look closely a bottle opener to the left, and check this out

inside a light and built in smoke box to the left

a condiment holder

the accessories that came with it too the ice bucket or trash can & the complete deluxe rotisserie kit!! All fit under the cabinet which also has a shelf on the inside door and hanging things.. Woohoo also has a couple spare outlets in the back as well.... check out the BBQ turner spatula..... I had to get that for the new grill from Pampered Chef of course... It's a defiantly must have to anyone who like to BBQ.. It has a beveled front edge, serrated side edge, piercing corner, a bottle opener and also comes with a protective cover... They sell for $15.50 plus shipping if anyone is interested in one let me know....DH loved it!

then of course spread lawn seed, feed & weed killer, then more seed. Then I had to spray some caterpillar stuff and then the ant, spiders and whatever other bug killer stuff as well. I HATE bugs this time of year, the town sprays everywhere but our area, one because we to close to the ocean.
Then to top it all off sprayed rosemary essential oil over the entire yard, house, fence, drive & walk ways too..
a great mosquito killer from what I've learned I also like to add a touch of peppermint oil with it, together the yard and outside of the house smell as good as inside...heeheee

then back to Home depot for plants and lights. I need to paint my statue when I get the energy and patience too

DH bought me a fire pit too.

Everyone had a good time! No one left hungry thats for sure..

Sunday we drove up to New Hampshire to see a cousin of ours we use to go camping with, they had bought a million dollar home. Absolutely Gorgeous!! Had lots of fun in the heated pool, riding quads, eating & drinking

Monday we went to a friend of DH who lives right up the road not even 5 minutes for a last minute BBQ.

At least I'm enjoying my week off before more DRs, surgery & appointments start up again like crazy!!

the rest of my week off I will continue to do more yard. Home Depot has a great deal on Ceder Mulch 5 of the HUGE bags for $10!! Then maybe a little R&R is an order..
Oh BOY my poor achy body hurts! and I've been totally exhausted as well!

Oh btw my children had a great time and my son has been pretty well, some meds are giving him some unsettling side effect issues that are next to impossible to deal with, (a story for another day) but other then that he had a nice weekend overall!


Batty said...

Very nice patio, and that barbecue grill looks like it would make any man's heart beat faster. Very nice indeed!

Mandy said...

Wow it sounds like oyu had a great weekend!! I am so glad that things are getting back to normal for you!!