Friday, June 22, 2007

STR Hippy Crunchy

I had left them in a bag all most completed a few months back, then haven't seen them since.
As soon I found them not intentionally mid you, I was looking for something else in my closet and this small sock sack emerged...heehee
I love the colorway. I definitely can NOT part with these, besides their a perfect fit!!

Lookin good with the birks?? Some people think I'm nuts with my crazy socks and sandals...Oh well they just don't get it! The funny thing is I see people wear them all the time, like my next door neighbor.. A middle aged single man....He doesn't say hmmm I wonder if I should find a pair of those clear clogs for the winter....LOL My cousins always pick on me that I dress like the 80s......Yep I like my comfortable stretch pants and long shirts of course the socks on the outside.....LOL
I don't dress like that on a regular basis but it's comfortable! (and also coming back in style,usually a stay home day, R&R day or PJ day whatever..) I like to dress like that going to their place gives them a hoot and a haller!! heehee

Still recovering and having some bouts of pain during the day! Not all day so getting somewhat better.


Jo said...

Very pretty socks! When I lived on the West Coast I used to wear socks and birks all the time - but when I moved to the East Coast I was inundated with humidity and had to start forgoing the socks :(

Margene said...

Great looking socks!! I wear socks and sandals often during the colder months. Works for me!!

Batty said...

The socks are beautiful, and the Birks cover little enough to show them off really well. People just don't understand. They probably think I'm nuts too because I'll wear all black, frequently with the exception of a pair of insanely bright and colorful hand-knit socks. It isn't our problem they don't appreciate socks the way we do!

I hope you feel better soon.

Zonda said...

Nice looking socks!! Glad you are doing better! Love the cute mat too! :)

HollyEQQ said...

I love those socks! And I think socks and birks go together perfectly. Things that make me happy are more important than what people think.
And if you find a pair of clear clogs, holler!

aija said...

You're comfortable AND your feet look good-- what more can they ask for? :)

cpurl17 said...

I think they look great with the Birks!! Who cares what others think--go for comfort!!