Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Yarn PrOn

Here's some new colors of STR sock yarns from Blue Moon Fiber Arts

First up Mustang Sally

closer view of the gorgeous reds!

and the bonus Rare Gems

this is in the daylight but colors are actually darker then they appear here.


Zonda said...

That's a familar color ;)

I love seeing everyone's Rare Gems! They are all Rare indeed!


Ann said...

Your Rare Gems looks a lot like mine!

Beth said...

I haven't really been drawn to Socks that Rock because I'm in more of a "solids" mode right now. That Mustang Sally is calling to me! It is beautiful.

Thanks for the yarn porn. I'm going to have to give STR another look.

Anonymous said...

What great yarn! I can't wait to start getting my socks that rock club yarn!!! If it's half as good as what you've gotten, I'm in for a treat!!

Maureen said...

WOW! those are beautiful yarn colors. What patterns are you going to use?


I will never tire of seeing STR yarns appear on your site like little jewels.

Rain said...

The red is stunning.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! How are you feeling?