Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Help t he Penguins!

Not many of you know that beside Lighthouses I also like Penguins! I love to watch them for hours at the New England aquarium, use my penguin mug everyday first thing in the morning, it's my favorite.

I read about this on Purlpower's blog then investigated more ~'THANK YOU!'

I will have to keep up with this for sure.. My New cause for my penguin friends. Wonder if I can start one here too.....Would anyone be interested? We have some friend at the coast guard on Cape Cod

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Presenter: David Kilby
Penguins in jumpers

Fairy penguins in oil-absorbing jumpers. Aren't they cute?

Most penguins dress far too conservatively - every day it's the same black and white formal outfit! But now some Aussie penguins are starting to go casual.

Jumpers are being knitted especially for our fairy penguin population. The clothing is used when the birds have been exposed to an oil spill, absorbing the oil off their feathers and keeping the animals warm in the meantime.

If you're a keen knitter, you can make a penguin jumper to add to the emergency stores. Here are knitting instructions from the Pet Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour, who are gathering jumpers for the cause.

How to Knit a Penguin Jumper

You will need:
# 8 ply wool

# 1 pair No 9 needles (3.75)

# 1 pair No 11 Needles (3.00)

# Cast on 36 Stitches

# K1 P1 to the end of row

# Repeat for 7 rows

# Change to K2 P2 and increase on stitch at each end of every row 4 times (44 Stitches)

# Continue until work measures 10 CM

# Decrease 1 stitch at each end of every row until 28 stitches remain

# Decrease 1 stitch in the middle of the next row

# Leave on needle or stitch holder

# Make second side the same as the first

# Using the No 11 needles knit both sides onto these needles and K1 P1 for 22 rows. Cast off.

# Stitch up the sides to the beginning on the decreasing to 27 stitches, this is to be left open for each flipper. Stitch up the neck.

# The finished jumper should measure 4.5” (115mm) wide and 7.5” (190mm) long

If you are a loose knitter, use smaller needles. And remember, the knitting must be firm to prevent the penguins from getting out of them.

Unfortunately, some jumpers are unsuitable for the penguins because of very loose knitting or greasy wool. Rather than throwing them away, the Pet Porpoise Pool is selling them on toy penguins in the souvenir shop. All the monies received are being shared between the Penguin Rehabilitation Centre and the South Gippsland Native Animal Rescue.

If you do make a jumper, you can send of off to :
The Manager
Pet Porpoise Pool
PO Box 532
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450


Kate said...

or you can send them all to me and when i go to NSW in april I can hand deliver them with pomp and ceramony from the knitters at the knittyboard!!

kate aka westozcaat

Anonymous said...

You know I love knitting for a cause, thanks for sharing this.

BTW, you have been tagged! Come to my website to see the rules!

RoxyKnits said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better.

There was an article in a UK knitting mag last year about penguin jumpers for Australia (too cute!) which was quickly followed with a notice that they had more than they needed and no longer wanted more. Great to see them needed elsewhere. They're just fabulous.

BTW I've joined the Socks That Rock Sock Club so I can now read your blog without going green with envy ;)

Maureen said...

That has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Rain said...

What a wonderful cause.

Anonymous said...

Not to use foul language, but could those penguin jumpers be any f-ing cuter!! What a great cause for some of the cutest creatures around!!!!