Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Socket Pal is Truely AMAZING! Spoiled!

First she sends me this package from Cafepress which I almost refused delivery because I know that I didn't order anything recently.

She's been blog stalking me for sure, because she sent these a new lighthouse mouse pad which was perfect

then this neat mug with all the cute penguins each one is dressed differently in each
nice tall mug too!

than to top it off this morning my bells rings again, Fedex?! Hmm no Clue!

It was this cute Stuffed Penguin which came in the light blue fabric bag along with a letter stating that someone made a generous contribution on my behalf through the WWF adoption program! Which is the World Wildlife Fund which has this program where you do a symbolic adoption of Emperor Penguin to help protect the animals and their habits. So they send you a kit with the stuffed animal in the bag, adoption certificate, colorful postcard and species fact card. I think he must go in the back window of my car!

I'm so touched but her generosity! Now I'm a proud mom of a penguin right?

It's definately a great cause not just for the cute penguins but all animals. So many have a love & passion for animals that I added the link on my sidebar the penguin there are so many other animals you can do the same not just penguins! Just click on the home link and it should take you there
I'm in aw with my sockret pal so excited and am looking forward to the reveiling! She's been totally AMAZING! Sending lots of hugs to you Secret Pal!
THANK YOU so much, I'm totally speechless! Your the best~!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been well and tryly spilt by your secret pals recently!

Still, you deserve it!

Hope you're still recovering ok from your op.

Anonymous said...

That should have said SPOILT!!

SArah HB said...

Nice penguins & gifts!

Anonymous said...

Look at those adorable penguins! Nice spoilage!

Anonymous said...

You will have to knit sweater for your penguin. I have a stuffed penguin that I did tha for. In our VBS, they were going to talk about the penguin sweater program. One of the teachers asked me to start a swatch so she could show the kids how to knit. I did that, but also found the pattern and dressed our penguin. The kids loved it.

Enjoy your goodies.


Devorah said...

What wonderful secret pals!

Rain said...

Your SP sounds amazing.