Monday, August 27, 2007

Just Some Weekend Activities

Otis ANGB AirShow 2007, Cape Cod, MA

A very foggy sure is hot, humid, & overcast day, not a very good day for an airshow thats for sure
Got there at 8AM show wasn't to start until 5PM
an F-15 going up for a 20mile flight which will take about 4 minutes...

2 more join him

a couple helicopters flew around hanging hummers to keep people entertained

we also seen a bunch pf people jump but missed the photo opportunity! Opps! The kids thought it was kwel!

they had some neat music, very entertaining for sure, they worked the crowd pretty well too. We listen to them a while once the show got canceled (Not sure when the Thunderbirds will be back,we did get to see them practice for the past 4 days from the back yard when they were flying very low!!....)to communication/weather issues in the later afternoon to wait out traffic

the MP's were very social... let the kids climb all over their trucks, my son thought it was the best to see an Army lady!! heehee He had to have her help him up, was top funny!

They actually not only let them inside, in the drivers seat but let her start it up and showed them how!!! YIKES!! Don't think they spend to much time with any

My son will be turning 6 y/o the beginning of October and now insists on us buying him a BIG Army truck just like this one....
Yeah RIGHT!!
Defiantly we'll be on the look out for some metal ones for him....

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Maureen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time at the air show! Love the colors for the horcrux socks you posted about. Very nice!