Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I managed to finish up a skein of Llama
so soft..
A LYS about 25-30 minutes away from me this woman has 3 Llama in her yard and the shop on the side of her barn...Probably about 20x10 if that but she has some nice stuff.. I stopped in last year with the kids , they get a kick out of some friendly llamas.. I bought one of her fleeces from her llamas called auntie... She's just so sweet was kissing the kids, my DD thought it was the funnest and coolest thing I guess.. So I've handpicked out the guard hair on the deck and let the birds watching me have it for their nests, washed and spun up this wonderful fiber.... I haven't' gotten to the variegated colors yet, still spinning up these the part of the tan colors..

3 ply, approx 108 yards per skein about sport weight type yarn

since this yarn has no memory and will grow no matter which type of item I knit with it.. I'm leaning towards maybe a scarf , hat set or something.. what do you all think?
I still have quite a bit to spin too


Woman who knits said...

So pretty. It really looks so soft and yummy. Great job!!!

aija said...

Very nice! I've been spinning up a merino fleece I washed and cleaned myself and it's so satisfying :)