Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Updates with Life

My son had another episode or seizure. The Drs up'ed the meds I've been trying to get him off of because of the side effects with his behavior!!! They had placed an EEG, EKG and video equipment on him last week. We had it removed and returned equipment. I hope it was ok, had more trouble with the equipment then anything. I slept with him every night... Didn't sleep much I was watching him so he didn't knock any electrodes off him. He handled much better then expected.. I was so proud of him, especially with all the nice weather we had through the weekend too. No showers, baths, pool, beach. No chewing gum, sucking on candy not even a lollipop. No dusting or vacuuming... Which was tough for me, I usually vacuuming at least once a day....No wearing socks either or doing anything that would create static electricity.. Didn't want him to get a ZAP!!!
He actually loved the video he'd sit or lay there and watch himself for hours on end.. Technology! I have a feeling he'll be doing that again.....We won't here anything about it for a while. takes some time for someone to read it all between the brain activity, video and HR....put it all together...Hopefully we'll get more info but because of all the issues I had with the equipment working properly and the battery packs not getting a good connection all the time I'm not to sure..

Just in the nick of time to. My surgery is this afternoon... Probably will be offline for a while. Won't be able to lift my arms use my shoulders, etc. the have given me some pain meds to keep me happy though.... It's already annoying me nothing to eat or drink. I've already received a call that it's been moved up a little. Not until 3:00pm errr! I need some caffeine!!
DH went to work for a couple hours. he'll be back around 11:00am..
Now to choose for who'll stay with the kids and who'll take me up to the hospital and bring me home.. My neighbor offered to help out either with the kids of driving me...
Mid day traffic will expect it to be a couple hour drive. They want me there at 1:-00pm, surgery between 2:45-3:00pm for 3 1/2 hours then recovery if all goes well I'll be able to come home afterwards.....Then another couple hour drive home...I didn't want to the kids to have to hang around in Boston all day like that...After all it's their summer vacation and will be going back to school in a couple weeks...

My son will be starting kindergarden in the afternoons from 12-3:15pm wont' get home until about 4:00pm ish and my daughter will be in the 2nd grade.. They grow so fast... She's like a little mother hen young adult sometimes....I'll miss them....We've been sued to hanging out together ALOT especially my son.. he's such a momma boy....and doesn't take well to others very well.

My oldest has been planning to move back home, work and do college part time with a couple course... Which will be OK I think....I was just getting use to her not being home.

I started another project that'd be simple to knit afterwords, mindless actually so if I'm up to it all I'll have to do is knit, knit knit...hopefully I can do this one in my sleep..
Toe Up
2 socks on 2 circs and I turned the toes already so it' should be a beeeze.. maybe a tangly one.....


Margene said...

Good luck to you today and to your family as you deal with everything to come. Knitting is such a comfort!

Zonda said...

Hang in there!! Will be thinking of you!

Batty said...

I'm sending my best thoughts and wishes, both for your son and for your upcoming surgery. Hang in there!