Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Birthday Presies for myself

Celebrating 29 AGAIN!

I think I went a little over board.. opps,Oh Well, and how funny it all shows up within 24 hours

a HUGE skein of CTH Sock It To Me sock yarn approx 7 oz 952 yards for socks of course!

here's one side the red/purple shades

and the other side shades of reds

then I got a bag of Louisa Harding Kimono Angora... oh so yummy I have no idea what to make with it so it'll be for petting, to stroke & cuddle right now, until it grows up

15 skeins of Contrasto by Skacel, but at the time I had a project in mind and since I received it, I haven't the foggiest what I wanted to make!!!! YIKES!

a few Ebay purchases some 800-1600 yard cones of cotton, rayon, linen to weave with
maybe towels

a luscious 100gram skein of Sontata rayon/cotton/cotton chennile/silk blend. I think it's make a very cool pair or two of ankles for sure

3 skeins of Hempyarn I bought from Zonda to make wash cloths and/or sock sacs with the leftover

part of my KP order some gloss a couple skeins of Serengeti for me and Woodland Sage for someone else in a swap

and Charmed Knits need to make some gifts. My neighbor had asked me to make a couple of the scarves already.. Now I need more yarn!

Of course 2 days after I place my order the New Harmonycome out and I really want them but now I guess I'll have to wait.. Spent way to much money already.....


Dave Daniels said...

HAPPY *cough* 29TH *cough* BIRTHDAY!!!
Those are some great presents you got yourself there.

Margene said...

Look at all that lovely fibery goodness. You deserve it! Happy Birthday!!!

Annie said...

Gorgeous yarn!! Happy Belated birthday!

aija said...

Happy belated birthday! You deserve it all :)

Batty said...

Best way to make sure you get what you want! Beautiful pressies. And Happy Birthday!