Friday, September 28, 2007

SP11 Strikes

Sp11 appears with goodies!
Pretty packaging too

Inside I found a belated birthday card, which I'd assume she made.. Very neat with approx. 4oz of chocolate roving (which I'm assuming is a merino) ohhhh yum!

then a couple skeins of Crystal Palace newer veggie sock yarn Maizy Prints in Night Shades which is very neat I'm designing a new pattern for Crystal Palace with some of their new yarns but didn't have this colorway.. Hmmm Wonder if my SP knew this one....;o)

some neat goodies here too some black sessa assam tea from Premium Steap , a package of Knit tags from Rosie's yarn cellarwhich you hand sew on garments.. Very cool! She also included a couple samples of Soak.....looking forward to trying the citrus scented one..

Thank you very much my SP!!!! I wonder if you knew me before and where I shop??? hmmm Still I have no idea who are you are....;o))


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm so glad you liked your goodies. The roving is alpaca. You definitely have to try the citrus SOAK. I bought one for myself and love it. I haven't tried the aqua yet, so I don't know what it smells like. No, you don't know me, but from reading, I learning that we have alot of the same interests. Have a great weekend.


Annie said...

Gorgeous package! Very nice.