Sunday, September 16, 2007

Never Get Lost Again!

Not with this nifty gadget thats for sure. It's a Magellan Roadmate
my hubby & I borrowed a neighbors GPS over the summer a couple times and he loved it so said it'd be a good birthday gift..hmmm
I wonder for who????

really wish it had a sexy mans voice though. lol Instead of the usual ya know computer bad I can't find a site that offers downloads to GPS......bummer!
It did include a home charger, and yes it's portable very cool. My son takes it with us to the bus stop so we don't' get lost, (just up the road 2 houses to the corner).
Also a USB adapter but having issues trying to download updates at the moment...
I tried to tell my son it's my little PS2.....heehee of course now he wants to play with it all the time...duh!? What was I thinking.

DH also gave me A Gretchen Wilson CD'One of the Boys' (which I've never heard of) and Dream Girls DVD (which I haven't seen, wasn't real excited too either) but very excited over the Mega bag of M&Ms....LOL

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