Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Surprise Mail Call & Quick Updates

New present came in the mail from Laura yesterday!
the box is very pretty much nicer in person the photo does absolutely no justice at all! Made of wood ~

Inside some wonderful exotic teas! teabags of each of 6 different varieties..
Bostons (by Bentley I believe) Oriental Green tea, Earl Grey Green tea, Mint Green tea, English Breakfast tea, French Vanilla tea, & Chai Tea..
Pretty ship on the front/back of each packet too...
Thank you so much Sweet for thinking of me!! It's a gorgeous gift set and will enjoy very much even after the teas are gone.. Will be thinking of you with each cupful too! ;o)

Now I just couldn't' resit this Hershey Kiss! What chocolate lover could?? Not this one thats for sure..... It's actually a tealight fondue pot...ohhhh I bought all kinds of fruits now to melt some chcolate for dipping fun!! YUM!

One of the kids has been home since Friday from school sick so been tending to her alot, keeping up with schoolwork, DRs twice and hospital for 3 x-rays and blood works.. So far viral & sinusitis and possible sinus infection about to brew.. The chronic brutal cough has been so annoying and the entire house has had very little sleep in result of it..
Have managed to get a little further on some WIPs, will post about later in the week and a FO
Watching the sneak peak Grays Special tonight....Woohoo!! Need to get the little ones in bed early..I hope I don't' fall asleep during it from pure exhaustion!
Besides still recovering form surgeries myself...Had a small setback from a small abscess (which luckily didn't get into my bloodstream) but otherwise recovering nicely
Got a new prescription for some feneghan with codeine hopufully my DD will get a good nights sleep tonight!!

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