Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lucy Bag for a Special Someone

Here she is pre felting, sure is HUGE & bright I know.. Not me no way but for a special gift for a secret someone. Can't mention her right now in case she's a blog stalker....I did make it in-between the short & tall version and shorted the short strap just a tad as suggested by a few others. Thank you!

Post felted now! TA DA! Here she is! I actually LOVE it!(sorry for the crappy photo) Yes, it's still bright. I used Brown Sheep Company's Nature Spun worsted in Orange Crush 3 3/4 skeins.... Felted absolutely evenly & beautifully!

and a close up. really.....In a bit I'll have to reveil who the lucky lady will be to recieve this bag and will be full of goodies too! Ending a Sp round soon..heeheee Ok NO more hints now! Can't give out to many more details now can I! ;o))) She's blocking right now stuffed with plastic bags for now.. Now to find the right decor pin or something on it before gifting it. Still have to wrap some other things to fill it with....anyone want to give any ideas of some fun ways to gift to someone? I have some ideas but it's also nice to hear what others think too.

Now I need to make myself a couple of these maybe to match each season or project, it's a great bag, next time I will add an inside pocket or two. Great pattern from Two Old Bags
Boy Oh Boy do I hope she's not reading my blog before she recieves her bag but either way is OK because she has no clue what will be inside.....part of the fun and wondering hmmm am I the one....heeheeee I'm so bad such a


Dani said...

the bag is awesome - your pal is one lucky person!!

And BTW? Had my gall bladder out about 12 years ago. SO happy I did - the attacks were AWFUL! (couldnt tolerate coffee or spicy foods PRE surgery - love em both now LOL go figure!) Hope you're feeling much better!!


RoxyKnits said...

Love the bag - what a lucky SP!

I've fallen in love with your Lorna's Laces in Baby Stripes - like I need more sock yarn......

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh wow! I love the bright red color! You have a VERY lucky SP!

Your blog is pushing down all your entries to the bottom below your sidebar. I looked, and I'm pretty sure it's the link in your sidebar for teamasters. Try adding the code in there to make it a word rather than a long link (since blogger doesn't wrap links) and see if that works. I'm viewing in IE if you were wondering what the heck I'm talking about. If you're using something else, you may not see it.

Jennifer said...

What a lovely bag! I love that pattern too. Your pal is very lucky!

Sue said...

Your Lucy Bag turned out just great - I'm sure your giftee will love it. I made one for my SP in the SP6 exchange and she really liked it! Now, I'm trying to make one for me, but it seems to be going really slow as I keep working on other things. I'll just have to pick it up again!

Beverly said...

I DO love the bag! I'll be posting it on my blog tonight! I'm the luckiest SP EVER!! xx